A benchmark security operator in dense urban areas

The safety of passengers and employees as well as network security are at the heart of RATP Group’s commitment in the Île-de-France region and abroad.
Railway and road safety are a central concern in the Group’s activities. They are part of RATP Group’s public service mission and ensure the continuity of this service.

RATP is one of the few global transport operators having its own in-house security department

RATP Group’s business unit RATP Sûreté ensures the safety of passengers; protects employees, assets and infrastructure; and works to prevent criminal acts and uncivil behaviour in complex environments (multi-modal networks, small spaces and during periods of elevated passenger flows). RATP Sûreté also prioritises the prevention of violence and gender-based violence the public transport network.

Meet everyone’s needs
For passengers
Ensure the safety of passengers and their belongings, prevent delinquency and uncivil acts.
For employees
Ensure the safety of employees who work directly with the public and assist them when necessary.
For the company
Combat vandalism on rolling stock and transport network infrastructure and help combat fare evasion.

Work for security on all fronts

Crime prevention and security intervention on the various networks

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Continuous video-surveillance across the networks

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Detection and prevention of the risk for terrorist attack

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Educating passengers and social prevention

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Regulated activities

A reference document for 2023 security service pricing (Document de Référence et de Tarification des prestations de Sûreté 2023) defines the nature and conditions for the delivery of the services offered by RATP’s internal security division. The document is updated every year in accordance with the provisions of articles L. 2251-1-2 and R. 2251-58, and the Transport Code.

Services not listed in the reference document: RATP Sûreté offers its expertise to transport operators, transport authorities and companies that operate transport services Click here to contact a security expert