Keeping constant watch over networks with video surveillance

Video surveillance is an indispensable part of ensuring safety across networks, in addition to a strong and responsive human presence. Over 50,000 cameras are installed aboard trains, on platforms and in corridors across the RATP network.

Surveillance cameras are also installed in RER stations, on board buses and trams, and in adjacent public areas.

As these cameras are connected to the security command post, they make it possible for security officers to monitor and detect suspicious behaviour, abandoned items and any other dangerous situations. Video surveillance also enables officers to respond in real time when assaults take place: operators can then inform the relevant authorities and take the measures required to ensure the safety of passengers and RATP station staff.


The adoption of the French Mobility orientation act (Loi d’orientation sur les mobilités – LOM) ratified the extension of body cam trials to the Group’s network protection and security officers. The LOM also approved the principle of equipping RATP ticket inspectors with body cams so that they, too, can test the monitoring system (article 32 ter of the LOM).

Crime prevention and security intervention on the various networks

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Detection and prevention of terrorist attack risks

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