Detection and prevention of terrorist attack risks

The role of security is also to identify and prevent the risk for terrorist attacks aimed at vehicles, buildings, passengers, infrastructure, and networks operated by RATP Group. 
Our teams frequently perform drills to optimise crisis management.

Anti-terrorism measures (Vigipirate) have two objectives:

  • Develop an awareness and security culture across RATP Group. 
  • Continuously ensure that passengers, RATP employees, and infrastructure are suitably protected against terrorist threats. 

RATP’s operational investment manifests as a strong presence of security teams on the field and the permanent deployment of canine units to cover the entire network. 

Canine units comprise a handler and their dog trained to detect explosives and narcotics. They are deployed to both prevent and respond in the event of an alarm or suspect situation. 

Dogs are selected based on their ability to detect substances’ specific scents and report them to their handler, as well as for their capacity to work in an urban environment while safely interacting with members of the public. 

After four years of trialling these patrolling units on the Île-de-France railway network, the positive outcome regarding traffic flow led RATP to renew the scheme for another four years, with the support of Île-de-France Mobilités. Thus, the plan will apply during the 2023 Rugby World Cup and the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. 

The scope covers 59 RER and all metro stations, whether the unattended item is on a train or a platform. The pooling of resources between SNCF and RATP Group is maintained in major multimodal hubs. Over 53 hours of traffic interruptions were prevented in 2022 thanks to this scheme.


In the event of an unattended item, traffic was suspended in 26% of cases when dog units intervene, compared with the usual 62%. In addition, when traffic was indeed suspended due to an unattended item, the average duration of the interruption was 30% shorter (31 minutes, compared with 45 minutes).

Keeping constant watch over networks with video surveillance

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Educating passengers and preventing unsafe situations

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