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The aim of the website is to provide information and assistance regarding RATP Group (hereafter referred to as “RATP”) business, services and expertise.

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Content on the website can be downloaded as open data, the use of which is subject to the conditions mentioned above.

07. Applicable law

This Legal notice and the consequences arising from its use, availability or unavailability, are governed by French law.

08. Credits

Website editorial management:

Direction de la communication RATP (RATP Communications division)
54 quai de la Rapée
75599 Paris Cedex 12

09. Photos credits

Agence audiovisuelle RATP (RATP audiovisual agency)
54 quai de la Rapée
75599 Paris Cedex 12

(Gilles Aligon, Charles Ardaillon, Jean-Marie Carrier, Bertrand Chabrol, Noam Cilirie, Gérard Dumax, Didier Dupuy, Gilbert Gaillard, Didier Jackson, Bruno Marguerite, Jean-François Mauboussin, René Minoli, René Roy, Denis Sutton, Joël Thibault, Eric Touzé, Hamdi Chref and Xavier Chibout)

10. Website design and graphics

Agence Niji
9A rue de Châtillon
35000 Rennes, France
Telephone no.: +33 2 99 32 02 84

11. Website development and integration

Agence Niji
9A rue de Châtillon
35000 Rennes, France
Telephone no.: +33 2 99 32 02 84

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