Crime prevention and security intervention on the various networks

1,000 GPSR (Groupement de Protection et de Sécurité des Réseaux – RATP’s network security enforcement) officers patrol in metro and RER stations, buses and trams every day to prevent incidents, strengthen feelings of safety among passengers and enforce security. Approximately one hundred teams are deployed 24/7 on the network. They have multiple duties: reassure, deter and intervene.

Security officers are trained to intervene all across the network in the event of an incident such as theft, aggression, acts against public order, vandalism and emergency situations. They are trained to manage such events; to ensure passenger safety and cooperate with the police when necessary.

GPSR teams:

  • Meet demanding criteria regarding recruitment, training and ethics;
  • Work based on robust organisation: a 24/7 command post and offices that analyse security incidents and create necessary measures;
  • Are in close contact with their superiors, which supports the execution of adequate and efficient responses;
  • Are used to working in complex environment (high population density, tight spaces and so forth);
  • Benefit from special prerogatives to best cater to the specificities tied to delinquent behaviour in public transport;
  • Are in continuous contact with network operators and other police forces (national police, border police, and so forth). They notably work hand-in-hand with the Île-de-France network brigade (BRF) and the police prefecture during joint operations;
  • Are trained to rise to the challenges specific to public transport. They have a high capacity to adapt to meet the needs of each client.


You can call RATP station employees directly by using the emergency call terminals placed in every station on the RATP network. They can call RATP’s security command post at any time.

Educating passengers and preventing unsafe situations

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Keeping constant watch over networks with video surveillance

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