RATP Group Foundation, committed to enhancing public interest at a regional level

RATP Group Foundation has spent close to 30 years enhancing public interest through the regions in which RATP Group operates. In line with the RATP Group driving purpose, the Foundation’s goal is to create an environment in which every individual is able to fully participate in the life of the city, regardless of their personal circumstances. This is why the Foundation concentrates its efforts on social integration, by launching and supporting public interest initiatives that allow economically and socially vulnerable groups to be included in the workforce and the life of the city. The Foundation also seeks to highlight and encourage the commitment of the Group’s 71,000 employees to social solidarity causes.

Our mission and programmes

RATP Group Foundation seeks to promote the social integration of economically and socially vulnerable urban populations, by launching and supporting public interest initiatives that allow individuals from these groups to be included in the workforce and the life of the city.

The Foundation backs projects that are rolled out exclusively in the regions with an RATP Group presence and in relation to its activities and numerous areas of expertise. 

RATP Group Foundation is committed to entities that are eligible for sponsorship, and it gives priority to those whose projects and targets are most likely to benefit from non-financial assistance, through the mobilisation of Group resources and employee contributions in the form of equipment donations, tours of industrial sites, professional orientations, providing facilities and premises, publicity and advertising, and other forms.

Supported projects must target clearly identified beneficiaries, and the desired impact that Foundation programmes will have on them must be real and quantifiable. The three top-priority targets of Foundation initiatives are young adults between the ages of 15 and 25, women and unemployed seniors, as they face much higher inequality in social integration.

The Foundation’s programmes focus on 2 main areas.

Facilitating workforce integration

We support projects that help young adults to shape their career paths and choose their field of specialisation. We also assist in initiatives that target individuals who have been excluded from the workforce, to facilitate their entry or return to the workforce.

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Promoting equal access to resources and to opportunities in cities

We support public interest initiatives that provide economically and socially vulnerable individuals with equal access to the city’s cultural institutions, historical heritage, activities and services.

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2023 key figures

49 projects supported
1,2M€* in funding for public interest initiatives
114 346 direct beneficiaries

*€999,000 in financial support, €234,000 invested through billboard advertising.

RATP Group Foundation backs projects that are based in regions with an RATP Group operational presence.

We aim to strengthen the Group’s interaction with its environment through partnerships involving various associations and institutions. Wherever we operate, our consistent goal is to enhance public interest at a regional level by contributing to the social integration of locals.

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Employee commitment

The Foundation offers various ways for RATP Group employees to get involved.
These opportunities to participate in the Foundation’s programmes strengthen cohesion across the Group and foster pride in belonging to a common mission.