Urban mobility partner in 780 cities in France and abroad

What do the Brest tram, Doha automatic metro, Hong Kong tram, two automated metro lines in Riyadh, the fastest train in Africa linking Pretoria and Johannesburg, and high-service-level buses in Casablanca have in common? They are all examples of how RATP Group meets challenges of any size, by offering mobility solutions that fit local needs.

Meeting challenges at every level
Reliable, safe, efficient and connected mobility solutions that are accessible to all.
Solutions to enhance mobility, boost economic development in regions, and improve quality of life in cities.
Solutions to support people’s ambitions and their valid need to grow professionally and realise their full potential in meaningful jobs.
Solutions that lower GHG* emissions stemming from transport, ease the energy transition to electricity and biomethane, and promote new forms of mobility. *GHG: greenhouse gas

Efficient, sustainable, connected and inclusive mobility solutions

Efficient and safe transport networks

Multi-modal and inter-modal mobility

New forms of soft mobility: bicycles, scooters and more

Digital technologies: ticketing, MaaS, real-time information, operational help and others

Accessibility and transport for passengers with reduced mobility

Facilitating inter-modal itineraries for smoother mobility   

RATP Group supports new mobility habits by forging partnerships to offer autonomous vehicles, self-service electric scooters, carpooling, car sharing, bike rental services that cater to companies and their employees, and smart and connected car parks.

6,7 M journeys made in the Île-de-France region in 2022 on new mobility modes
52% of the Île-de-France fleet consisted of hybrid, electric or NG-powered buses at the end of 2022
100% of RATP networks use collected data to improve operational efficiency