An innovative way to manage maintenance every day

RATP Group conducts maintenance on rolling stock, and on the infrastructure of the metro and RER lines that it operates. The technical aspects relating to the infrastructure of the future Grand Paris Express network will also be under the Group’s responsibility. These operations are essential for the various networks to run smoothly. Through them, safety, interoperability and public service continuity are guaranteed.

Playing a part in ensuring reliable journeys, traffic regularity and safety
For passengers
Protecting our ability to provide the transport services that customers expect. Regular maintenance on rolling stock extends equipment life, and allows for a reduction in various forms of pollution, which, in turn, improves quality of life in the city.
For employees
Preparing for unforeseen events, through proper planning and by anticipating needs. The introduction of cobots (collaborative robots) and exoskeleton trials aim to make certain tasks less physically taxing.

Combining infrastructure and equipment management and maintenance with efficiency and responsiveness

Multi-skilled teams and coordination of remedial and preventive action

Maintaining, repairing and upgrading various types of vehicles and stationary infrastructures

Installing custom equipment, and adapting and upgrading existing equipment according to constraints

Upgrading bus depot infrastructures and reducing various forms of pollution for residents

227 km of metro lines
and 118 km of RER lines
308 metro stations
66 RER stations