French Rugby Federation

In 2005, RATP Group made the decision to commit sustainably to rugby, following many years of involvement in the popular collective sport. This involvement includes the rugby division of Paris sports club US Métro and the rugby union team Métro-Racing.

The Group signed a partnership agreement with the French Rugby Federation, which has since been renewed until June 2024.

Through this partnership, both entities will be able to share strong values, such as respect, team spirit and sharing.

Transport solutions

RATP Group has provided the French national rugby team (XV de France) and the French Rugby Federation with a substantial transport service consisting of two customised high-end livery-covered coaches, one minibus, four drivers and one leading car.

As an essential part of the national team, the service has been implemented for all of its transport needs across Europe.The same transport service has also been set up across France for international teams that will come to compete against the XV de France during various test matches in November.

Customer experience

Since 2007, RATP Group has been offering passengers numerous fun and interactive activities to boost its brand and service platform.

On days when the French national rugby union team plays matches at Stade de France, RATP Group offers passengers the following activities: face painting workshops, pre-match music sessions and photo ops to immortalise their meetings with the rugby team’s players.
A unique immersive experience at the heart of Paris: RATP Rugby Park.

On the French rugby team’s match days, RATP Group offers its passengers the opportunity to learn about rugby and its environment at Auber RER station.
Fun and interactive workshops introduce the general public to the iconic oval ball. An exhibition showcases the French national rugby team’s achievements and RATP Group’s commitment to the unique sport.

Committed approach

For many years, RATP has been pursuing an active social service policy through the On décode la ville (Decoding the city) programme, which targets students.
These efforts help RATP Group to meet the service continuity and service quality goals that it holds as a transport operator.

As part of this educational programme and its partnership with the French Rugby Federation, RATP Group has been leading a community initiative since 2007. The initiative, which is aimed at secondary school pupils in working-class neighbourhoods across the Île-de-France region, is known as Mercredis du Rugby (Rugby Wednesdays).

The On décode la ville initiative promotes civic-mindedness in public transport and general social well-being, by applying the values conveyed through the partnership with the French Rugby Federation: respect, team spirit, and sharing.
The programme is conducted by RATP Group ambassadors (bus and metro drivers, customer relations staff, among others) who have been specially trained to give talks at secondary schools.

RATP Group will hold its 16th Mercredi du Rugby this year, with 12 classes from secondary schools across the Île-de-France region, and a closing event set to take place at the national rugby centre in Marcoussis on 14 June 2023.