Tous Athlètes de la ville (All city athletes)

To support Paris’ bid to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games, RATP Group created a participatory scheme known as Tous Athlètes de la ville (All city athletes). The scheme consisted of a participatory campaign that mobilised passengers to show their support for the Paris 2024 bid, in addition to transport-related marketing.

Since 2019, and until 2024, RATP Group has aimed to capitalise on the scheme and turn it into a platform to showcase its involvement in sport, in view of hosting the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. This platform promotes the RATP Group brand in a highly competitive context (Île-de-France Mobilités, SNCF, Transdev, and others) by adopting the following stances:

  • RATP = facilitates access to sporting events
  • RATP = supports Île-de-France residents in practicing sports
  • RATP = a committed player

Tous Athlètes de la ville (All city athletes) open house days

As RATP carries over 10 million passengers on a daily basis, it witnesses first-hand its passengers’ relationship with sport, both as spectators as well as players.

Every September over the past three years, RATP has been inviting its passengers to participate in sporting activities across its network as part of Tous Athlètes de la ville (All city athletes) open house days.

These activities, which are held in RATP network metro stations, enable passengers to get acquainted with numerous sports, such as fencing, archery, table tennis and breakdancing. During these events, they are also given the opportunity to learn about RATP athletes. 

Open house days will be held every year until 2024, featuring more services and offering passengers new experiences.

Athlètes de Haut Niveau RATP (RATP Top Athletes) scheme

Since 1982, RATP has been active in guiding French athletes in both their athletic and professional careers, through the Athlètes de Haut Niveau RATP (RATP Top Athletes) scheme. Six athletes are current members of the scheme:

  • Lucas Daniel – archery,
  • Carlota Dudek – breakdancing,
  • Fanny Gilbert – wall climbing,
  • Jeffrey Lami– para athletics,
  • Koumba Larroque – wrestling,
  • Marie Oteiza – pentathlon.

A look back from 1982

RATP has welcomed 51 able-bodied and para athletes into the scheme, including 29 athletes under workforce integration agreements (CIP, Convention d’Insertion Professionnelle). The numbers include men and women participating in over 11 amateur sports, with the goal of showcasing France’s sporting talents.

In 41 years, the results have proven positive: more than 90 medals have been won in international competitions, including 15 Olympic and Paralympic medals. The most satisfying aspect of the scheme is having close to 30 athletes joining RATP teams. They have gone on to build successful careers in RATP.