RATP Group Governance

RATP Group, whose parent company is RATP, is an industrial and commercial public body (Epic RATP) that is continuously evolving. Its private-law subsidiaries guarantee its development and growth both in France and abroad.


Mr. Jean Castex, former French Prime Minister, was appointed RATP Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer by decree on 23 November 2022. He then took office on 28 November 2022.
RATP Group governance comprises an executive committee (Comex), chaired by Mr. Jean Castex, and a board of directors.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer applies the policy defined by the board of directors and executes its decisions. He guarantees that the company works as it should while he leads its services. His secretary is Sylvain Durand, chief of staff.

The executive committee

The Comex is made up of eleven members, both men and women, who each have full responsibility for one or several departments, which includes the management of their day-to-day operations.

The Comex comprises:

Jean Castex, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Jean-Yves Leclercq, RATP Group Director of Business and Financial Performance

Sylvie Buglioni, Director of the Project, technical and industrial management division

Frédéric Tran Kiem, Group Director of the Digital and Innovation division

Jean Agulhon, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Group Director of the Human Resources division

Hiba Farès, RATP Dev Chief Executive Officer

Anaïs Lançon, RATP Group Director of the Communications, Commitment and Brand Strategy division

Marie-Claude Dupuis, Director of the Strategy and Sustainable Cities division

Jean-Louis Houpert, Director of RATP Infrastructures

Agnès Ogier, Director of the RATP Railway Services Business Unit

Emmanuelle Cortot-Boucher, Group General Secretary, Director of the General Management Services division

The board of directors

The board of directors comprises 27 members. It is made up with an equal proportion of employee representatives and qualified experts, notably representing the socio-economic environments, customers and municipalities concerned by RATP operations. The board notably deals with the company’s main strategic directions, which are economic, financial and technological. The board meets six times a year (outside of special sessions).

As at 31 December 2022, the board of directors was made up of 40.74% of women. The colleges of state representatives and qualified experts are made up of 44.44% women, in line with French law no. 2014-873 of 4 August 2014 on real gender equality.

The board of directors comprises:

State representatives

Élise Calais, assistant to the vice-director of the budget division in the ministry of Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty

Jean Castex, RATP Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Corinne Fau, member of the Enedis executive committee Head of Finances, Acquisition and Insurance

Nicolas Ferrand, Solideo general executive director

Céline Fornaro, head of the finance unit for Agence des participations de l’État, ministry of Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty

Emmanuelle Gay, regional and interdepartmental director for the environment, development and transport in the Île-de-France region (DRIEAT)

Marc Guillaume, prefect of the Île-de-France region, Prefect of Paris

Pierre-Alain Roche, director of the mobility and transport section of general audit for the environment and sustainable development (IGEDD), chairman of the transport group for the economic affairs committee on sustainable development, member and general reporter of the direction board for infrastructure

Didier Trutt, independant administrator, Imprimerie nationale SA CEO (IN Group)

Elected officials of municipalities or groups of municipalities concerned by the company’s business activity

Maya Akkari, Paris city councillor, Armand-Carrel high school principal

Nadia Desbois, city councillor in Antony, head of the department for Urssaf Île-de-France

Members of socio-economic interest groups

Michèle Bellon, former Chairwoman of ERDF

Augustin de Romanet, CEO of ADP Group, chairman of ADP Group’s company foundation

Magali Joëssel, director of the investment fund Sociétés de projets industriels (SPI), member of the BPI France innovation executive board

Representatives of public transport customers

Michel Babut, representative of FNAUT (National federation of transport users)

Stéphane Bernadelli, representative of Unaf (National union of family associations)

Members selected based on their skills in the fields of transport and mobility policies

Bruno Angles, delegate chief executive officer of AG2R La Mondiale insurance company

Patrice Raulin, former CEO of the Lyon-Turin Ferroviaire, of Société française du tunnel routier du Fréjus, of the École nationale des travaux publics de l’État and of the Société des aéroports de Lyon supervision board

Elected employee representatives

Mohamed Bouzourene, elected UNSA representative

Valérie Dadou, elected UNSA representative

Laurence De Wilde-Ghikh, elected UNSA representative

Abdelmalek El Hachemi, elected Rassemblement representative

Gaëlle Pedraza, elected CGT representative

Fabien Renaud, elected CFE-CGC representative

Giles Roué, elected CGT representative

Hervé Techer, elected SUD representative

Luc Wallop, elected Rassemblement representative

Other board members

Philippe Dupuis, head of the Financial and Economic Transport Control committee (MCEFT)

Thierry Coquil, government commissioner, representing the infrastructure, transport and mobility general division, ministry of the ecological transition and regional cohesion

Secretary to the board of directors

Emmanuelle Cortot-Boucher

Board attendee

Frédéric Sarrassat, secretary to the social economic and central social committee