A responsible employer

Choosing RATP Group means making a commitment to serve public interest. It also means joining an international group that shapes tomorrow’s cities, through shared and connected mobility solutions, with an inclusive, responsible and sustainable approach

Our promise as an employer

Giving all those who join us the opportunity to flourish in an inclusive and united environment where differences are valued.

In 2021, the Group was awarded Afnor’s “Exemplary” Engagé RSE (CSR committed) certification, which recognises the maturity of our CSR approach.

Along with this certification, the Group also achieved the highest score on the professional equality index, which notably rewards the closing of the gender pay gap, equal opportunity for all employees in terms of raises and promotions, as well as the presence of at least four women among the ten highest-paid positions.

Did you know? Since 2017, the RATP au féminin (women in RATP Group) programme has been working to increase female representation in the Group. RATP Group employees have been visiting secondary schools to introduce the Group’s professions to students, notably young women.

Choosing RATP Group, a win-win situation:

  • Flexible working hours and workplaces, and optimised travel time (depending on professions, a fixed number of workdays, remote work arrangements and service exchange grants are possible. And depending on work sites, car parks and personal concierge services may be provided);
  • Assistance to employees and their families at various stages of their lives (health centres, social services, time credit accounts, childcare allowance, employment service vouchers [CESU scheme in France, chèque emploi service universel], housing and loan services, and more);
  • Availability of high-quality workstations and work tools, offices and equipment adapted to various professions (break rooms, mixed-use common areas, and more);
  • Promotion of health and well-being at work (workshops on healthy living), and depending on work sites and professions, sports equipment and activities may also be available;
  • Guarantee of respect and inclusiveness in all professional interactions (code of ethics, prevention of psychological harassment, sexual harassment and gender bias, managerial mediation programmes, and more).

Working at RATP Group means enjoying challenges, and being to adapt and outdo yourself in order to guarantee the success of our mission and meet client expectations.

Teamwork is part of our identity, which is how we guarantee railway safety and the quality of customer service, and our way of supporting the Group’s transformation.

What moves us

Encouraging employees to grow and reinvent themselves by exploring the multiple and varied career opportunities offered.

The Group supports its employees in their efforts to expand their skills, while enabling them to build their own career paths. It also encourages them to make the most of the social mobility and advancement opportunities available through its wealth and diversity of professions.

RATP Group places training at the core of its skill development value chain. 2 million hours in staff training will take place in 2023.

Did you know? As part of the RATP au féminin (women in RATP Group) programme, a leadership training module has been dedicated to women employees.

By drawing from an ecosystem of internal and external stakeholders, the Group fosters the development of continuous learning, to support career growth and employability. And why not set your sights on careers abroad?

Did you know ?

– Over 1,880 employees have benefited from transfers, including more than 500 social advancements (half of which within the same category, and to a higher category for the other half).
– Over 1,670 managers have benefited from transfers, through career development and a mobility charter within RATP Group.

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Our ambitions can only be achieved through and with our staff.