Mise à jour le 28 juillet 2023
Écrit par Press staff

The 2023 Semi-Annual Results of the RATP Group

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The semi-annual results of the RATP Group for 2023 have been significantly impacted by inflationary pressures.

The Board of Directors of RATP, convened on July 28, 2023, under the chairmanship of Jean Castex, CEO of the company, reviewed and approved the consolidated financial statements of the RATP Group and the statutory financial statements of the EPIC as of June 30, 2023.

Jean Castex, CEO of the RATP Group, stated:

“The efforts made over the past few months to improve the social climate (including the signing of an agreement on bus driver working conditions and a salary agreement signed by all representative unions), as well as the acceleration of recruitment and strong commitment of our management and employees, have enabled us to recover service production in the first half of 2023 on the bus network and return to pre-COVID service levels on almost all metro lines.

However, the semi-annual financial statements of the RATP Group reflect the major economic challenge we are facing today due to the inadequacy of contractual mechanisms to cover the significant inflationary effects on our operating costs, particularly in Île-de-France. Resolving this issue is a top priority, as it determines the successful execution of services in the coming months.

The company is actively preparing to host the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. In addition to the ongoing massive recruitment effort, RATP and its partners are committed to delivering the extension of Line 14 to Orly Airport and Saint Denis Pleyel by June 2024. Starting with the Rugby World Cup 2023, many dedicated volunteers, field agents, managers, and directors will be on the ground, getting trained to assist tourists during this major event.

From everyday operations to major projects and managing major events, the RATP Group, as a significant public service provider, is more committed than ever to serving passengers and the country.”