Publié: le 03 juillet 2023
Écrit par Press staff

Renewal of the Operation of the La Roche-sur-Yon Network by RATP Dev

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Contract Duration

With a duration of 10 years, the new public service delegation will place a strong emphasis on new mobility solutions and environmental considerations, a longstanding commitment for both the metropolitan area and RATP Dev.

A Growing Environmental Ambition

Just as it has done in the past, RATP Dev will continue to support the metropolitan area’s long-standing commitment to ecological transition. A new High Environmental Quality (HQE) depot will be built by 2027. This depot will be part of the Atinéa project led by the Metropolitan Area, which aims to transform the former Michelin industrial site into a center of excellence for innovative mobility and decarbonized energy.

Furthermore, the vehicle fleet will continue its energy transition, which began several years ago.

  • 70% of the vehicles will run on BioGNV (Natural Gas for Vehicles)
  • 20% on 100% green and locally sourced hydrogen
  • 10% on green electricity.