Transcription: Employer Promise Film

(00:00) This is Nicolas. He’s about to have a job interview with the RATP Group. He doesn’t know how it’s going to go, but one thing he’s sure of is why he’s here. He’s here because he wants to be part of those who innovate for sustainable and smart cities in France and around the world.

(00:16) Rachida, on the other hand, her thing is people. She enjoys bringing a team together around a project. That’s fortunate because dozens of people need to work hand in hand to design, operate, maintain our modes of transportation, and address the challenges of the cities of tomorrow.

(00:32) And Olivier, well, he already works with us. He’s having an interview to change positions. With nearly 250 professions, there is no shortage of opportunities.

(00:43) Hello, sir.

(00:45) Within the RATP Group, every employee commits to a better urban quality. Join us.