A culture of ethics and compliance


Ethics challenges for RATP Group are based on client satisfaction and the attention the group dedicates to its employees.

This group dynamic relies on three main values that drive our subsidiaries:

  • respect
  • trust
  • inclusion

Major issues arise when work relationships present tensions due a certain lack of respect in the professional environment.

This can manifest as: gender bias, psychological or sexual harassment, discrimination based on handicap or gender, breaches of secularism, homophobia, racism, intergenerational conflicts, and so forth. These are among many examples of situations that require establishing a shared definition and action plan to combat these types of incidents.

RATP Group’s structure has set up human and organisational means to help employees work together and remain alert on matters of ethics and compliance.

When performing its activities, RATP Group enforces an ethics code and a code of business conduct that embody its driving purpose in an operational context. These codes are shared frames of references that are essential to every new employee. They lay the foundations to enforce the values of secularism, neutrality and non-discrimination; they support managers who are confronted with well-known challenges that are not adequately discussed.

The commitment to ethics and compliance is in line with the Group’s will to protect employee and client rights.


LIn December 2022, RATP Group launched a professional network to combat discrimination against members of the LGBT community: “RATP Group Pride”. Here is a brief introduction.

We believe that diversity is wealth.
We believe that everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.
We believe that openness and inclusiveness are of utmost importance for thriving in one’s personal and professional life.

We want the LGBT+ community to feel part of our company, our lives and our cities.
As committed co-workers, we are proud to stand by the values of RATP Group’s Pride network, which brings together friends of the LGBT+ cause.

Together, we will champion inclusiveness, openness and diversity, values of which we are proud.