Promoting social and workplace integration

A policy that targets the employment of young adults

RATP launched the sustainable urban mobility apprenticeship centre (CFA MUD) in 2017 to train young adults in the various professions available in public transport.

Since 2016, RATP has signed the 100 000 stages (100,000 internships) agreement with the Île-de-France region, which aims to hire work-study trainees and interns for programmes lasting over two months.

RATP has exceeded its goals every year.

1,157 long internships (over two months) and work-study contracts were signed in 2022.

RATP takes part in the La France, une chance. Les entreprises s’engagent. (Committed companies offer opportunities in France) mobilisation a scheme, which is managed by the French Ministry of Labour, Employment and Integration. The scheme aims to increase practical measures that foster inclusion in employment.

Inclusion of people with disabilities

Measures to keep people with disabilities in employment, campaigns to raise employee awareness of disabilities through Duo Days events, and welcoming trainees with disabilities.

Partnership with employment assistance association Agefiph, the Meteojob platform, employment agencies Cap Emploi and Pôle Emploi, and missions locales, an employment support system for youth.

In 2022, RATP took part in 8 disability forums and four specific events.

84 people with disabilities were hired in 2022.

Solidarity purchases

Purchasing also plays a part in the inclusion of people with difficulties accessing employment. The Group relies on organisations that are involved in workforce integration through economic activity (SIAEs), and those that operate in the disability sector (ESATs and adapted organisations).

€3.511 million in solidarity purchases across the Île-de-France region in 2022. Out of the total amount, €2.5 million have been allocated to the workplace integration sector and €1.011 million to the disability sector.

€3.5 million – the amount of the Group’s solidarity purchases over 2022

30% more solidarity purchases in the disability sector in 2022 (compared to 2021).


The Group’s 2022 Annual Report and 2022 Sustainable Development and Activity Report were printed by Lea de Champagne, a socially inclusive adapted company in Reims.