Develop mobility for all

Mobility is essential to one’s wellbeing: it maintains social links and fosters social inclusion. For this reason, RATP Group is committed to mobility for all.

Here is a list of infrastructure equipment having visual displays and audio announcements:

  • All tram lines on the Paris bus network and all RER stations,
  • 89% of all bus routes across the Île-de-France region and all bus routes in Paris,
  • Metro line 14 is fully accessible (all 13 stations and all trains),
  • All future stations that are part of metro lines 4, 11 and 12 extensions will be accessible.

Cap’Handeo certification

Employees who work directly with the public are trained to welcome people with disabilities (notably regarding physical disabilities).


These training programmes can grant the Cap’Handeo certification, a national label awarded in recognition of the high-quality welcome offered to people with physical, mental, psychic, auditory or visual disabilities.
 The label was awarded to all metro and RER lines.
 In 2023, tram lines T2, T5 and T7 and the Orlyal line began the process to obtain it. Tram line T8 is also seeking to renew its certification.

The S3A Label

13 metro lines and 2 RER lines have received the S3A label for the welcome given to passengers having cognitive disabilities. The label’s three As stand for Accueil (Welcome), Accompagnement (Support) and Accessibility. Several bus depots have also started the process of training their teams.

In 2022, 90% of station employees were trained to welcome people with mental and cognitive disabilities.