RATP Group upgrades metro line 6 in Paris, while developing a 52-unit social housing building

Project led by RATP subsidiaries RATP Habitat and RATP Real Estate

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Real estate

Diversity programme for the Ateliers Italie workshops


  • Adapt the maintenance of new trains and improve RATP staff working conditions,
  • Contribute to social and functional diversity,
  • Assist cities in their transition.

Key figures

4100m² of social housing in 52 units
1150m² of RATP office space
2640m² of green roofing across the entire site


The Abel Hovelacque building structure, which dates back to the 1970s, has been preserved, thus lowering the site’s energy cost.

A word from the expert

The Ateliers Italie workshops represent an iconic project in our real estate policy. We are very proud to demonstrate that by mobilising our real estate properties, we can contribute to building a productive city in which we believe.d’Italie est une opération emblématique de notre politique immobilière. Nous sommes très fiers de prouver que la mobilisation de nos fonciers permet de contribuer à la ville productive en laquelle nous croyons !”

Céline Tignol

RATP Group Director of Real Estate

The project

Two work sites are central to the program:

  • The eastern hall (Hall Est) of the metro line 6 train maintenance workshop is adapted to the new MP89 trains. Currently, approximately fifty maintenance staff members ensure the upkeep of 45 metro line 6 trains. Over time, the hall will have three maintenance tracks adapted to the installation and removal of components alongside trains and underneath train carriages. The new structure will notably allow the installation of crane bridges, which are essential for work to be carried out on the walkways between carriages.
  • 52 social housing units and office buildings (including the future centralised command post on metro line 6) will be created for RATP. The building at 18-20 rue Abel Hovelacque, initially devoted to industrial and service activities, is now undergoing a complete transformation and is moving towards a mixed-use space for housing and RATP office activities. The architectural project also aims to improve the urban landscape of rue Abel Hovelacque.

Did you know ?

The Abel Hovelacque building has been awarded the Bâtiment Basse Consommation Effinergie (Effinergie low energy consumption) renovation label, the “Excellent” NF Habitat Haute Qualité Environnementale (high environmental quality housing) certification, and the Plan Climat (climate plan) certification, as:

  • Over 50% of the site’s energy comes from renewable or recovered sources;
  • Green roofing is designed to retain rainwater, optimise the building’s thermal efficiency, and form a pocket of cool air in the city during summer;
  • All rail infrastructure created as part of the works, notably the outer track cluster and the pit tracks at the new hall, is laid on anti-vibration matting. Acoustic absorption panels have also been installed on ceilings and walls in the hall.

Stages in the project

The Ateliers Italie workshops in Paris’ 13th arrondissement were built in 1906 to maintain metro trains on the former “southern” metro line 2, known today as metro line 6.

Restructuring began in 2018 with preparatory demolition work on the eastern hall, followed by work on the eastern hall in 2019, and the renovation and raising of the Hovelacque building.

In 2022, the first tenants began to move in, and the hall of the new train maintenance workshop is operational.

Project partners

Project owner:
RATP (Hall Est)
RATP Habitat (Abel Hovelacque building)

Delegate project manager:
RATP Real Estate (Abel Hovelacque building)

Architectes :
Anyoji Beltrando (plan-masse du projet urbain)
DATA Architectes (bâtiment Abel Hovelacque)
Rouba Semaan/RATP (Hall Est)

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