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L'actualité du groupe RATP au service des élus et des acteurs qui font les territoires.

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Les dernières infos sur l'activité du groupe RATP.

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RATP Group, privileged partner of smart and sustainable cities

For over seventy years, we have been witnessing cities grow, re-invent themselves and vibrate.
This perpetual movement has shaped what we are and we support this passionately.
Our unique expertise and wealth of new service offers, combining the strength of mass transport with multimodal mobility fluidity, have been consolidated in the light of these transformations.
Increasingly dense and connected, cities need integrated solutions.
And we have the trust, expertise and courage to address these challenges and offer all inhabitants a city that is smart, more human and sustainable.
Anticipating new uses in order to design tailor-made solutions and deploy useful services for our customers, while reducing our carbon footprint, is what drives us on a daily basis.
As true partners of transport authorities and cities all over the world, we are committed to building a city that is better to live in, for each and every person, for today and tomorrow.
With a resolutely positive and shared belief that this movement is shaping the territories of the future.

Notre vision
Our vision

In view of the ever-increasing growth of the world’s urban population and the environmental, economic and societal challenges this presents, transport players have a central role to play in improving inhabitants’ quality of life.

Le besoin auquel nous répondons
The need we are meeting

We are now able to provide cities with answers to all their public transport needs and we aim to be a true strategic partner for them, offering mobility solutions and urban services, tailor-made and adapted to all their stakeholders needs.

Notre mission
Our mission

Contribute in the long-term transformation of cities and their inhabitants’ lives.

Notre savoir-faire
Our know-how

Design, implement and bring to life innovative mobility solutions and services, working towards a more human city on a daily basis.

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