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The word of the experts

Publié le 15 May 2019


IT project manager

  • 34 years old

  • General engineering degree specialising in IT

  • At RATP since 2011


IT project manager

  • 34 years old

  • General engineering degree specialising in IT

  • At RATP since 2011

Tiphaine’s mission is at the heart of IT management of the RATP bus fleet: thanks to her work and that of her teams, vehicle manoeuvres in bus depots go without a hitch. She is also partly responsible for the major task of adapting the IT tools to convert the RATP bus fleet to electricity by 2025… Tiphaine is a true orchestra conductor of the IT life behind RATP buses!

RATP is firmly committed to development and sustainable mobility, and reducing its environmental footprint is one of its main strategic directions. Every day, it works on improving the energy performance of its transport system and stations, and the reduction of its emissions.

It is in this context that Tiphaine and her 20 colleagues work on one of the network’s main energy transition projects: the transformation of the RATP network into a fleet of clean buses. Or how to supervise the charging of a whole fleet of electric buses using a single piece of software!

“To put it simply, there is a real challenge related to making the buses available to the drivers: it must be ensured that buses charge properly at night so they have sufficient autonomy the next day to cover the planned kilometres and thus avoid the battery running out on the road.”

Discover how Tiphaine is preparing the arrival of tomorrow’s buses:

Tiphaine, IT project manager

Did you know?

140 Biogas buses, 700 hybrid buses on RATP routes in April 2017
In 2025 a fleet of clean buses
55 electric buses in April 2017

Taking initiatives, a sense of decision-making, but also organisation and priority management… The qualities required to do Tiphaine’s job are numerous!

“I chose RATP because it is a company that allows us to realise innovative projects quickly and doesn’t hesitate to give responsibility to young people, to help them develop. This is what motivated me to leave my job in the private sector, and I don’t regret my choice!”

Tiphaine, a well-connected project manager!

I do a job that requires a large degree of autonomy and a real sense of responsibility. Above all with major challenges, like converting buses to electrical energy.

IT project manager

Tiphaine, IT project manager – Denis SUTTON


Tiphaine, IT project manager – Denis SUTTON


Tiphaine, IT project manager – Denis SUTTON


Tiphaine, IT project manager – Denis SUTTON


Tiphaine, IT project manager – Denis SUTTON


Tiphaine, IT project manager – Denis SUTTON


Tiphaine, IT project manager – Nick&Chloé

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