Our governance

The Board of Directors

The Foundation’s board of directors has been chaired by Jean Castex since 15 December 2022, and some of its members changed during the 20 June 2023 session. The board now comprises 15 members in three bodies.

Founding members

  • Jean Castex, RATP Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and RATP Group Foundation Chairman
  • Jean Agulhon, Deputy Managing Director and Group Human Resources Director
  • Anaïs Lançon, Former Director, Group Communications, Commitment and Brand Strategy
  • Marie-Claude Dupuis, Director, Strategy and Sustainable Cities Division
  • Eric Alix, Chairman, RATP Smart Systems
  • Valérie Legrain-Sicard, Human Resources Director for France, RATP Dev
  • Céline Marquis, Human Resources Director, RATP Cap Île-de-France
  • Céline Mazières, Director for Strategy, Marketing and Communication, RATP Solutions Ville

Elected employee representatives

  • Laurence De Wilde-Ghikh, Elected representative on the RATP Board of Directors
  • Luc Wallop, Elected representative on the RATP Board of Directors

Qualified professionals

  • Marc Couraud, Director for Innovation, Services Division, Microsoft France
  • Sabine Goueta-Desnault, Executive Director for R&D, Innovation and CSR Gecina Group
  • Benjamin Marteau, Pix Director
  • Jean-Marie Marx, Afpa Chairman
  • Marie Trellu-Kane,Chairwoman and founder of the association Unis-Cité

Foundation team members

  • Raphaël René-Bazin, Secretary-General
  • Faëza Ben Hadj Azzouz, Office manager
  • Maxime Chaumet, Head of Sponsorship Projects and Project Selection Committee Coordinator
  • Alix Decatoire, Head of Sponsorship Projects and of Communications
  • Souad Ibnouzahir, Head of Sponsorship Projects, Head of Administrative and Financial Management, and Mentor Community Coordinator
  • Marlène Wozniak, Head of Sponsorship Projects and Employee Commitment Coordinator