RATP Smart Systems, experts in smart transport systems and MaaS

This RATP subsidiary develops mobility support solutions dedicated to public transport players in the areas of ticketing, passenger information and operation support systems.

Areas of activity

  • Ticketing
  • Operation support and passenger information systems
  • MaaS
  • Data

Multiple mobility support solutions

Hopen Ticket

An open and innovative ticketing management system.

Hopen ticket is a comprehensive ticketing system: it includes everything from ticket distribution to clearing house, validation and monitoring. It’s a modular system that can adapt to network size (school, interurban, urban or large city networks). The scalability and flexibility of this solution enables it to accommodate commercial growth while optimising operational costs with unprecedented efficacy.

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Hopen Go

An operation support and passenger information system that fits your needs.
Hopen Go is a full-fledged passenger information system equipped with modular and scalable features. This flexible solution can meet your needs and adapt to your restrictions. The operation support system can rapidly increase the commercial offering’s performance while optimising operational costs.

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Hopen Go’N Ticket

An integrated solution that associates ticketing, operation support and passenger information.
Hopen Go’N Ticket is a hybrid service that combines the perks from a card-based system with that of a server-based system.
New technologies are already integrated: BSC, secure QR Code, mobile app, post payment.

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Hopen MaaS

A complete mobility offering to make passengers’ lives easier.
The Hopen MaaS (Mobility as a Service) solution offers bespoke mobility services that are adapted to passenger transport habits and passenger types. It covers all existing transport modes, from public transport to private cars, taxis, chauffeured-driven vehicles, and soft mobility solutions. This solution aims to facilitate mobility, while making the entire mobility service offering available to users.

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A strategy that focuses on innovation

RATP Smart Systems is established in 10 countries, operates 120 transport networks and employs 370 people. It designs, creates and operates ticketing, passenger information and operation support systems that facilitate access to transport every day. This RATP subsidiary also manages ticketing in the Île-de-France region, which makes it a leader in the industry in France. Innovation and operational excellence are the core of our activities.

3,000 multimodal information displays
1st French provider of passenger information systems
12 million contactless transport validations processed every day

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