RATP Sécurité Expertises

RATP Sécurité Expertises is an RATP Group subsidiary created in October 2023. It is a professional training body that specialises in professions related to security and safety, and is especially aimed at private security officers.

With its 70 years of experience in securing sites and public transport networks, RATP Group seeks to share its expertise with private security industry players and become an invaluable partner in this growing sector.

RATP Sécurité Expertises is endorsed by CNAPS (Conseil National des Activités Privées de Sécurité – The French National Council for Private Security Activities) and the certification board of professional Security Prevention. The subsidiary holds a quality certification granted by QUALIOPI.


  • Training
  • Apprenticeship

A comprehensive training catalogue

RATP Sécurité Expertises’ service catalogue includes a wide range of training courses that comprises:

  • Regulated training courses on human surveillance, armed security, fire safety, safety and health at work, electric safety, railway safety (collision and electric risks) and of course, public transport safety;
  • Bespoke training courses on security in passenger transport that is likely to harness various RATP Group resources.

Quality teaching at the heart of our approach

RATP Sécurité Expertises’s headquarters in Noisiel (77) possess facilities and provide logistics services and teaching equipment to confront students with real-life situations in conditions that are very similar to operational reality in order to reach the highest standards.

The subsidiary’s training centre is set to open in the last quarter of 2024 in Saint-Denis (93). The 2,000m²-facility includes a professional shooting range and a replica of the metro/bus environment for training purposes. RATP Sécurité Expertises will seek to obtain all the required authorisations to deliver reinforced security training courses.

RATP Sécurité Expertises trainers include men and women selected due to their professionalism and experience who offer training courses combining expertise and soft skills.

RATP Sécurité Expertises relies on a network of partners from the private and public sectors that promote trainees’ professional integration.

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RATP Sûreté offers its expertise to transport operators and organizing authorities, as well as transport service operators.

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