RATP Real Estate, supporting innovation, the environment and residents through real estate projects

This RATP Group subsidiary brings urban planning and industry together in the city centre. Working closely with RATP Group, RATP Real Estate has acquired prowess in complex project engineering, and has developed the Group’s office building assets as well as those of its public and private sector clients.

Areas of activity

  • Business carbon footprint
  • Sustainable cities
  • Sustainable real estate
  • International projects
  • CSR
  • Energy transition

Areas of expertises

Our mission: oversee every stage of buildings’ life cycles.
Reduce business carbon footprint

RATP Real Estate aims to make commercial real estate an economic, management and environmental performance lever for companies, through a responsible approach that boosts productivity and quality of life.

Build sustainable cities

As an urban developer, RATP Real Estate intends to build smart and sustainable cities, by creating value when it renovates industrial and office sites, and when it builds teams and housing units.

Offer unique expertise in real estate

RATP Real Estate advises on, analyses and implements site development and refurbishment projects. It provides these services in line with regulatory and circumstantial changes, with the goal of managing real estate cost.

Share our experience abroad

RATP Real Estate provides international clients with its skills and work methods: scheduling, operational set-up and management, urban development and more.

Leading by example in CSR

RATP Real Estate leads innovative projects, which are guided by a responsible social and environmental approach. Through value-added and sustainable partnerships, the subsidiary seeks to benefit regions by applying our values.

Support the energy transition

RATP Real Estate’s experience places it in a position to support the energy transition, by providing process expertise to stakeholders such as transport operators.

Support new ways of working and the transformation of workspaces

Urban Station, RATP Real Estate’s new brand, specialises in B2B workspace consultancy, development and rental. Companies can book Urban Station’s seminar rooms, meeting areas and workspaces, which are adapted to their business needs.

Découvrir le site Urban Station

Key figures

500,000 m² of space managed in industrial and office buildings
80,000 m² of workspace converted to mixed-use common areas
+ 2 hectares of greenery, including 1,500 m² of urban agriculture

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