RATP Cap Île-de-France, operator of public transport networks across the Île-de-France region

RATP Cap Île-de-France is an RATP Group subsidiary that was created in 2021. In view of Île-de-France Mobilités’ move to open to competition the operation of certain public transport networks, RATP Cap Île-de-France submits bids, and operates the transport networks to which it has been designated. RATP Cap Île-de-France offers integrated, efficient and innovative solutions to give regions and passengers better mobility.

Areas of activity

  • Railway
  • Trams
  • Buses
  • Demand-responsive transport
  • Autonomous shuttles

Areas of expertise

RATP Cap Île-de-France focuses on 3 market segments in the Île-de-France region :
Operator of complex rail systems

RATP Cap Île-de-France pools multiple fields of expertise to operate and maintain the region’s rail transport system. Some of the train services in the Île-de-France region that will be opened to competition run on this system.

Leading operator in densely populated areas: Paris inner suburb buses

RATP Cap Île-de-France boasts long-standing expertise in bus operations, stringent technical requirements and a proactive social policy.

Service quality operator on the Optile network

RATP Cap Île-de-France operates multiple bus, tram and demand-responsive transport networks on the Optile network in the outer Paris suburbs. Its priority: service quality.

Custom-fit passenger transport

Through its Origami service range, RATP Cap Île-de-France caters to the transport needs of companies, institutions, and local authorities in the Île-de-France region.

By creating RATP Cap Île-de-France, RATP Group, the region’s leading urban public transport operator, combines flexibility, convenience and expertise to provide Île-de-France residents with high-quality transport.

RATP Cap Île-de-France centralises expertise in all public transport modes: railway, trams, buses, autonomous shuttles, demand-responsive transport and more.

RATP Cap Île-de-France benefits from the dual advantage of RATP’s know-how and operational excellence, which are combined with agility and familiarity with the mandate that RATP Dev has successfully undertaken in France and across the world. To meet energy transition requirements and the expectations held by passengers and local authorities, RATP Cap Île-de-France has set its priorities: service quality, social dialogue and innovation.

The subsidiary already operates numerous transport services: bus networks in the Mantois, Paris-Saclay and Bièvre regions with tram line T10, demand-responsive transport in Seine-Saint-Denis, autonomous shuttles in Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse, and many more.

Origami : customised mobility services

Are you looking for mobility solutions to occasional or regular needs? Origami goes above and beyond: smart mobility that is also sustainable, attentive and efficient.

Whether you need transport services for special events, school and after-school transport, urban shuttles, staff transport, or vintage bus rentals, RATP Group and its subsidiaries have over a century of experience in deploying a wide array of mobility services for companies, local authorities and institutions.

Dual advantage:
know-how and operational excellence

To meet energy transition requirements and expectations held by passengers and local authorities, RATP Cap Île-de-France leverages innovation, data management and service quality.

15  subsidiaries
30 millions passengers carried every year
750 vehicles

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