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The word of the experts

Publié le 15 May 2019


Mobile app designer

  • 30 years old

  • Industrial design engineer

  • At RATP since 2012


Mobile app designer

  • 30 years old

  • Industrial design engineer

  • At RATP since 2012

You don’t know her, but Sarra is at your side at each step of your journey! In fact, she works every day on the design and development of RATP mobile applications, including the most famous, the RATP app, well known for its reliability and usability. More than two million users per month, and a daily challenge: to use the constant opportunities offered by digital technology to improve passenger experience, and offer ever-more personalised mobility.

RATP is one of the few companies to do its design management in-house. This allows for rapid innovation, by being closer to users' needs.

Mobile app designer

Did you know?

Over 2M users per month for the RATP mobile app
10 years the age of the RATP mobile app, one of the first mobile apps for urban transport!

RATP regularly develops new mobile services to support passengers. Since 2015, passengers have been able to receive personalised traffic info alerts through the app and Twitter accounts in real time until the end of the day’s service.

Today, following a call for ideas launched in November 2016 among users in the Paris region, the RATP app has been enhanced and now offers exit numbers for metro stations. A new service developed by Sarra and her colleagues.

Discover the profile of an enthusiastic geek, who thinks about tomorrow’s uses!

Sarra, mobile app designer

To design and adapt RATP’s mobile apps, Sarra and her colleagues rely on co-design. “We organise workshops with the different professionals concerned, with collaborative tools and methods allowing us to get results quickly and intelligently.”

Innovating every day to offer a digital experience that is ever smoother and more complete is a challenge that Sarra takes up willingly: “For me, technical constraints are a source of creativity and not frustration. We are there to conceive solutions that will be helpful to all passengers. It is very gratifying!”

Enthusiasm, a taste for work, pragmatism and curiosity about new forms of technology are the qualities required of a mobile app designer. “As a Parisian, I have known RATP since childhood, so obviously I am very proud to work here and for all our customers who travel on a daily basis!”

Sarra, a mobile app designer who doesn’t keep her talent to herself!


Sarra, mobile app designer – Denis SUTTON


Sarra, mobile app designer – Denis SUTTON


Sarra, mobile app designer – Denis SUTTON


Sarra, mobile app designer – Denis SUTTON


Sarra, mobile app designer – Denis SUTTON


Sarra, mobile app designer – Nick&Chloé

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