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Discover RATP Group’s driving purpose

Published 23 March 2021

At a time when the spotlight is on the societal role of companies, beyond their economic performance, and when the French PACTE law encourages them to take better account of CSR values, RATP Group is unveiling its driving purpose, the result of extensive consultation with all employees and an open approach including the company’s external stakeholders.

RATP Group is a major player in cities and serves a public service mission; this approach was therefore wholly legitimate and natural.

Structured around commitments, it represents a continuation of what has set the company apart since its creation and allows it to reaffirm its DNA, by examining the role that the Group intends to play in society and what makes it unique.

An open and jointly built approach

Launched with the determination to engage with all company employees, the joint approach to unveiling the Group’s driving purpose is at the heart of its success.
Various opportunities for discussion and consultation were put in place during 2020, despite the disruption caused by the health crisis, to collectively define the fundamentals of RATP Group.

  • The first step was a series of brainstorming workshops between March and October, bringing 200 employees together, face-to-face or virtually, representing all the Group’s business activities. Throughout the process, feedback was analysed by a “driving purpose committee” made up of senior Group executives, to lay the foundations for formulating the driving purpose and its principles.
  • The consultation was then widened, with the launch of a participatory platform open to all employees for a month, to refine major Group-related issues. This initiative was a significant success, with nearly 7,000 employees taking part, a participation rate of over 10%, and nearly 140,000 contributions.
  • Finally, these reflections were shared with an advisory board bringing together around fifteen stakeholders, who were able to shed light from outside the Group and feed the thought process. They included city and mobility experts, researchers, elected officials, CSR specialists, and representatives of other large companies that have successfully developed their own driving purpose statements.

This driving purpose is the result of this reflection, jointly built, collective and open, giving an accurate vision of the Group that each employee can identify with, in order to bring it to life.

"The true strength of this joint project lies in the way it revealed not only the unique Group that we are today, but also the role that we intend to play tomorrow."

"The true strength of this joint project lies in the way it revealed not only the unique Group that we are today, but also the role that we intend to play tomorrow."

Catherine Guillouard,
RATP Group Chairwoman and Chief Executive Officer

23 interviews conducted with members of the executive committee and management committee
13 brainstorming workshops, bringing together 200 employees of the Group and its subsidiaries
7,000 participants on the digital platform
138,000 contributions collected on the digital platform
2 meetings with external stakeholders (consumer associations and advisory board)
12 workshops to define commitments
Watch the documentary film on the definition of our driving purpose

A team was in the field to follow the progress of the process. A video diary with compelling personal accounts of the quest for this driving purpose.

Jean Agulhon, Director of Human Resources

“Defining your driving purpose means telling the world in a unique way how you define your contribution to the common good and to the community, by relying on your history, your DNA, and by saying it in an explicit way.”

Marie-Claude Dupuis, Director of Strategy, Innovation and Development department

“In defining this driving purpose, we have always kept in mind the consultation of all Group employees. This was done through the discussion panels for each business activity, and via a digital platform made available to all.”

Anais Lançon, Director of the Communications, Commitment and Brand Strategy department

“The driving purpose is the continuity of who we are but with a stronger claim for the role we want to play tomorrow.”

Our commitments

The finalisation of the driving purpose has paved the way for thinking about the commitments that will allow this driving purpose to be put into practice in the Group’s activities, and thus guarantee its contribution to the quality of life in cities. As they were also developed in a collaborative way, these commitments cover topics that are essential for RATP Group, such as reducing the environmental footprint of cities, being widely inclusive, and creating value for regions.

1. Boost regions by offering safe and efficient services.
Case in point: after the inauguration of the metro line 14 extension in Saint-Ouen in December 2020, RATP and Île-de-France Mobilités are continuing to extend the line to the south, up to Orly Airport. One million passengers are expected every day.

2. Facilitate access to the city and its services for the widest audience.
Case in point: since 8 February 2021, metro line 4 has been officially certified S3A, thanks to our staff members’ strong involvement in SACHA (Attentive Service for Disabled Customers) training. S3A is the symbol denoting welcome (Accueil), support (Accompagnement) and accessibility (Accessibilité) for all passengers with cognitive disabilities. Metro line 4 joins the 12 metro lines and the 2 RER lines that are now certified S3A.

3. Develop our employees’ potential and commitment and promote diversity.
Case in point: in 2020, RATP’s Professional Gender Equality Index rose to 95 points out of a maximum of 100, up from 85 out of 100 in 2019. This improvement reflects the company’s resolve and the commitment of line management, human resources teams and all employees.

4. Contribute to stepping up the ecological transition in cities.
Case in point: in 2020, RATP Group and EDF signed a contract for the supply of renewable electricity from several wind farms located in France. This contract covers 4% of the company’s electricity consumption.

5. Innovate to continuously improve our operational efficiency and prepare for the uses of tomorrow.
Case in point: in December 2020, RATP Dev carried out a world-exclusive test of holographic stop buttons on the Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines bus network.
In 2021, a new route for driverless shuttles, operated by RATP Group in Vincennes, was inaugurated: an extra 6 km, including 8 stops, with three shuttles built by two constructors committed alongside the Group: Navya and EasyMile.

6. Make societal responsibility a criterion of choice for our business partners.
Case in point: since 2000, RATP has set up systematic social audits of the sites where its employees’ uniforms are made. Contracts are awarded depending on the results. These audits are carried out by independent consulting firms. Suppliers are aware of RATP’s demanding requirements.

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