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RATP Dev awarded contract to operate and maintain Sydney Metro - Western Sydney Airport Line

RATP Dev will be the exclusive Operations & Maintenance contractor for the driverless Sydney Metro – Western Sydney Airport (WSA) project, as part of the Parklife Metro consortium to deliver a world-class, metro system and provide safe, comfortable, and reliable passenger transport for Sydney’s visitors and residents.

Sydney Metro – Western Sydney Airport line will help deliver 23km of world-class driverless metro system for Western Sydney. The city-shaping project will provide major economic stimulus and boost regional development.

The project

The line will become the transport spine for Western Sydney by connecting the Western Sydney International Airport and the Western Sydney Aerotropolis to the rest of the Greater Sydney. Thanks to seamless integration with the broader Sydney rail network, the line will support new communities, generate thousands of jobs during delivery and beyond, and partner with local businesses to boost the local economy.

Sydney Metro and the consortium have reached contract close on the Stations, Systems, Trains, Operations and Maintenance (SSTOM) PPP package, which comprises the operation and maintenance of the WSA line for 15 years.

The consortium includes :

  • RATP Dev as sponsor, Operations & Maintenance contractor and 10% investor
  • Plenary Group as sponsor, financial arranger, commercial adviser, Special Purpose Vehicle manager and 60% investor
  • Siemens Mobility as sponsor and Design & Construction contractor and Siemens Project Ventures as sponsor and 20% investor
  • Webuild as sponsor, Design & Construction contractor and 10% investor

RATP Dev will contribute its expertise in powerful mass-transit, with 5.6 million daily passenger journeys by metro, and its 30-year experience in agile fully driverless metros, with 10 systems (GoA4) operated globally.

The operation & maintenance of the line alone is expected to create more than 300 jobs.

The project is expected to be completed and operational when Western Sydney International opens for passenger services.

Hiba Farès and Mehdi Sinaceur

“We are extremely proud to be a partner to Sydney Metro in this visionary urban project, contributing our world-class expertise in mass-transit rail networks, cutting edge driverless metro technology, and seamless traveler experience. The Sydney Metro – Western Sydney Airport project is setting new standards in public transport.”

Hiba Farès

“Working closely with our partners in the Parklife Metro consortium, RATP Dev is bringing its global driverless metro experience and resources to Australia. We will strive to ensure sustainable and inclusive development, creating local jobs and nurturing local talent to contribute to the dynamism of the Sydney area.”

Mehdi Sinaceur
Deputy CEO of RATP Dev

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