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September, 15th 2020

RATP Dev and Getlink announce the creation of Regioneo

Following the announcement of their partnership last November, RATP Dev and Getlink have now officially created their jointly-owned operating company. As the French rail transport market is opened up to competition, they will respond together to calls for tenders for regional passenger rail transport through the new operator.

Named REGIONEO, this new French-owned joint venture (55% RATP Dev, 45% Getlink) combines the expertise of its two stakeholders—both major players in passenger and rail transport. For French regional transport authorities, REGIONEO will offer made-to-measure and innovative rail services optimally aligned with their needs and up to the highest standards of operational excellence and passenger service quality.

RATP Dev and Getlink are firmly established in the French regions and have all the requisite technical and commercial skills to operate regional rail services. Now, they have joined forces to create a new operator whose know-how goes beyond traditional rail operations and covers the entire value chain.

The newly created REGIONEO is headed by Ronan Bois, Chairperson, and Raphaël Doutrebente, CEO, a pair of experienced managers from RATP Dev and Getlink, respectively.

Some words from Laurence Batlle and Yann Leriche

I am delighted to see this wonderful joint project with Getlink come to fruition,” says Laurence Batlle, President of the Executive Board of RATP Dev. “I have every confidence in the skills of REGIONEO’s management team. They will rise to the challenge of establishing this new operator’s position in the regional rail market for the long-term”.

With the recognised and combined expertise of its two parent companies, REGIONEO has all the necessary know-how to meet the needs of regional transport authorities,” adds Yann Leriche, CEO of Getlink. “We look forward to responding to calls for tenders and offering reliable and high-performance solutions to our future customers.

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