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Jean Castex appointed RATP Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

French president Emmanuel Macron has appointed Mr. Jean Castex RATP Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer by a decree issued during today’s Council of Ministers.

The appointment comes after hearings before the Sustainable Development and Regional Planning Committees of the Senate and the National Assembly on November 8 and 9, under the conditions provided for in Article 13 of the Constitution. Both assemblies voted in favour of the appointment.

RATP’s Board of Directors, which met for a special session on 14 November, had previously proposed Jean Castex’s appointment as Chairman and CEO of the Group to the French government.

Mr. Castex took office on 28 November 2022.

The new RATP Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer has stated

“I am greatly honoured to join RATP today. I am fully aware of the challenges facing this public service company that has deployed great efforts over the past few years to earn the title of third global player in urban public transport. My priority is to meet the men and women who bring RATP to life every day, as well as their representatives. As RATP Group is at the core of Île-de-France residents’ lives, I will also meet our key partners in the region over the coming few weeks, as it is the historic birthplace of our activity. The first of these encounters will be with the President of Île-de-France Mobilités and with passenger associations. I intend to discuss with them the service offering and service quality we need to provide to our passengers.”