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Fraîcheur de Paris becomes the operator of the City of Paris urban cooling network

Since 5 April 2022, the City of Paris urban cooling network has been operated by Fraîcheur de Paris, a company owned by ENGIE and RATP (through its subsidiary RATP Solutions Ville). The 20-year concession covers the production, storage, transport and distribution of the city’s cooling energy.


With a provisional turnover of €2.4 billion over the contract lifetime, the network will be extended by 158 km by 2042 to serve new customers throughout Paris. This ambitious development is in line with the decarbonization and climate change adaptation approach adopted by the City of Paris, and offers a sustainable and competitive alternative to conventional air conditioning.


An unprecedented development making the cooling network accessible to the greatest possible number of Parisians


Initially intended to cool tertiary buildings (cultural venues and commercial areas), the network will be extended to more than 300 additional buildings in the healthcare sector including hospitals, nurseries, schools, care homes, etc. The cooling provided will thus help to protect the most vulnerable populations in view of global warming. The service will also be offered to local shops, establishments open to the public and, additionally, some housing in the residential sector.
As the largest cooling network in Europe, its length will increase almost threefold over 20 years: 20 new production plants and 10 storage facilities will be built to supply more than 3,000 subscribers.





> RATP Solutions Ville:

Created in 2021, RATP Solutions Ville is the RATP Group subsidiary serving cities and regions in 5 sectors: real estate, telecoms, urban logistics, new forms of mobility and energy.

To provide a more efficient service offer, RATP Group has chosen to create a single entity bringing together the areas of urban expertise developed over many years by four of its subsidiaries: RATP Habitat, RATP Real Estate, RATP Connect and RATP Capital Innovation.


> Fraîcheur de Paris:

Special purpose company for the concession from April 2022: a consortium formed by ENGIE Group (85%) and RATP Group (15%)

Turnover: €2.4 billion forecast over the contract lifetime (excluding inflation and ancillary services)

By 2042: network extended by 158 km

Catherine Guillouard, RATP Group Chairwoman and Chief Executive Officer:

“Winning this new contract is a major success for RATP Group and its subsidiary RATP Solutions Ville, demonstrating the advantages of our global services offer for smart and sustainable cities. Through this contract, we will be providing our partner ENGIE with our expertise in underground networks. The entire Group will be contributing to the success of this contract benefiting the City of Paris, which has shown its trust in us.”

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