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2019 - RATP Group activity report

Committed to sustainable cities

Large cities account for a major portion of a country’s population and wealth. They are also on the front line of climate change and biodiversity loss – as the primary cause and the first to suffer the consequences. But cities are acting now to take control of their futures. And because sustainability and attractiveness go hand in hand, RATP Group is helping cities achieve a successful energy transition and foster greater inclusion

Partner of sustainable cities
A 2nd life for the Vaugirard workshops

Which become a “slice of the city” thanks to RATP Real Estate, above metro line 12’s train maintenance tracks.

Buses love biogas

Some passenger and tour buses are switching to CNG.

Green projects

€500 million in green bonds issued on 13 June 2019, with a considerable subscription rate (more than 5 times higher than the initial issuance).

Wood-use as a goal

Through the partnership signed at the beginning of 2019 with Woodeum, a specialist in low-carbon construction methods.

Pop-up market

With Marché pop, a third-party venue set up for the summer on a former RATP site.


Fighting against extreme exclusion

An in-depth survey by the Samu Social Observatory on the homeless in the metro and a new strategy to combat extreme social exclusion.

For inclusion in the regions

The RATP Group Foundation has teamed up with the Louvre-Lens museum to support a programme that aims to promote the inclusion of disadvantaged young people.

Pioneering initiatives at the very heart of cities

As an integrated operator, RATP Group extends its scope of action well beyond transport alone. We are contributing to global thinking on the role of mobility in smart, inclusive and sustainable cities. In 2018, we joined the Net Zero Initiative, and in 2019, we worked with fellow members of the initiative from the sidelines of COP24 in Poland to lay the groundwork for a framework for corporate carbon neutrality. Also in 2019, we signed a partnership agreement with the Vedecom ITE Research Institute to speed up the pace of research and innovation around tomorrow’s mobility. RATP Group is at the forefront of responsible innovation, working to make a practical difference to the lives of city-dwellers – starting today.

long with the Paris City Council, we are involved in the Quartier des Deux Rives project, the first circular business district in the French capital. In July 2019, we co-organised the “Tri en Seine” campaign, encouraging local residents and businesses to deposit their waste in a special barge moored at the Tolbiac bridge. This year, we also entered into a formal partnership with Woodeum, as a way to promote low-carbon construction, and our future RATP Habitat headquarters was awarded the first E+ C- certification for a positive-energy and carbon-reduction building. As part of the “Innovons pour l’air de nos stations” (Innovating for the air in our stations) call for proposals launched by the Île-de-France Region in 2018, we worked with Suez to trial an air treatment system at Alexandre Dumas station on metro line 2.

Goal: a sustainable and inclusive city

Goal: a sustainable and inclusive city

Finally, recognising that sustainability and inclusion go hand in hand, we are working hard to shape cities that are inclusive for all. In partnership with the Association pour le droit à l’initiative économique, a pioneer association in microcredit in France, we have opened a dedicated shop at Gallieni station, known as Le Quai des créateurs, where micro-entrepreneurs supported by the organisation can present their products. We also work closely with Pôle Emploi (the French job agency) to support inclusion and provide employment opportunities in many of the communities we serve. Our efforts on this front have not gone unnoticed: in 2018, we became the world’s first multimodal transport operator to be awarded the “Engagé RSE confirmé” (Confirmed CSR Commitment) label for our work in the Île-de-France region, the traditional heartland of our business.

1st multimodal transport operator in the world to be awarded the "Confirmed CSR Commitment".
5 RATP sites identified for low carbon wood construction projects with Woodeum.
€500 million in green bonds issued in 2019.

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