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Catherine Guillouard steps down from her position as RATP Group Chairwoman and Chief Executive Officer

Catherine Guillouard has informed the French government (shareholder) that she wishes to step down from her position as RATP Group Chairwoman and Chief Executive Officer.
A mutual agreement has been reached and her term will end on 30 September 2022.


Starting 30 September and until the next RATP Group Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer is appointed, Pierre-Alain Roche will act as interim Chairman of the RATP Board of Directors and Jean-Yves Leclercq, who currently works as the Group’s business and financial performance director, will act as the company’s Chief Executive Officer in the interim.


Catherine Guillouard undertook to prepare RATP for the opening to competition of its activities in the Île-de-France region by elaborating and implementing a general transformation plan for the company. As part of a sustained social dialogue, the Group has signed 36 cross-cutting agreements since 2017 in order to make the company’s operations fit its new challenges. RATP continues its progress regarding service quality on the Île-de-France region network, with an increase in customer satisfaction rate from 81% in 2017 to over 86% in 2021.


Catherine Guillouard also strengthened RATP’s core business in urban transport by implementing action as regards operational excellence, customer experience and digitisation, as well as an unprecedented investment boost, from €1.6 billion in 2017 to €2.4 billion in 2021.


In addition, Catherine Guillouard accelerated the Group’s development in France and abroad by doubling its RATP DEV subsidiary turnover over five years in 14 countries; a growth based on new professions in relation to urban services with the creation of RATP Solutions Ville (Grand Paris Express high-speed broadband, Paris cold network in partnership with Engie, APHP headquarters renovation works with BNP Paribas Real Estate and Apsys).


Finally, Ms. Guillouard led RATP Group through the health crisis by successfully delivering, along with Group employees, continuous public transport services.


Catherine Guillouard wishes to commend Group employees’ commitment and to send them the following message:

“Beyond these milestones proving our expertise, the professionalism and the commitment displayed by RATP Group employees, my takeaway from my 5 years leading the Group is, above all, that of a team brought together by strong values and a notable capacity for commitment to serve the company and the common interest. I will never forget your commitment throughout the health crisis, when we managed to keep fulfilling our public service mission together for the good of the Nation.”


View the full message here.