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L'actualité du groupe RATP au service des élus et des acteurs qui font les territoires.

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Les dernières infos sur l'activité du groupe RATP.

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2019 - RATP Group activity report

An expert, committed group serving regions and their residents

Every day worldwide, we address the challenges of mobility in communities and cities dealing with the two key priorities that are the climate emergency and social inclusion. Passenger transport is the traditional bedrock of our business, but we have consistently reinvented ourselves as we have sought to improve our performance and offer new solutions, new modes of transport, and new services. At a time when practices are changing and our industry is transforming, we are putting our comprehensive, integrated expertise to work for the benefit of all. Day after day, we innovate and work hard – for our passengers, for our employees, and for the communities we serve.

Interview with Catherine Guillouard

"The health crisis underlines not only the need to rethink cities, but also the need to maintain strong urban public transport.”

"The health crisis underlines not only the need to rethink cities, but also the need to maintain strong urban public transport.”

The health crisis, the Group’s performance, the impact of the industrial action, innovation, the mobility framework law: Catherine Guillouard looks back on 2019’s key events and gives her take on tomorrow’s sustainable cities.

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Stakeholder log, city log

Building with city stakeholders

Building with city stakeholders

We all have our own idea of what cities should be like. The people and organisations who experience and shape cities – RATP passengers and employees, architects, researchers and elected officials – are a source of instructive, often contradictory, insights into how we might continue building this unique sense of community, together

Discover the Stakeholder log

20 experts' views on the challenges facing cities today and in the future

RER lines A and B: changing passengers' daily lives together.

Marie Adam, Director of Unified RER Line B, SNCF / Séverine Estrada, Head of the Unified Operations Management Team for RER Line A, RATP

Analysing major incidents for constant improvement.

Jérôme Lefebvre, Project Manager reporting to the Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Transport and Maintenance Operations, RATP

Our goal is to make public transport the preferred transport mode for Singaporeans.

Alan Chan, Land Transport Authority (LTA), Singapore

Mobile internet has transformed mobility practices.

Antoine Courmont, Scientific Director, Cities and Digital Technology Chair, Sciences Po Paris

Getting to know the homeless people in the metro means better meeting their needs.

Odile Macchi, Sociologist, Samu Social de Paris Observatory/Emmanuelle Guyavarch, Head of the Social Exclusion Support Team, RATP

Travel retail helps us appeal to a new passenger target.

Laurent Defaut, Project Manager, Sytral


Redesigning the bus offer, a challenge and a tangible impact for Île-de-France residents.

Jean-Louis Perrin, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Île-de-France Mobilités/Séverine Besse, Head of the Network Duty Office, former Project Manager for the New Paris Bus Network, RATP

Moving away from private car use means first getting a better idea of what users want.

Jean-Marc Zulesi, Member of Parliament for the Bouches-du-Rhône department, Lead for the Framework Bill on Mobility for the La République en Marche group in the French National Assembly

The Autonomous Mobility "French Team", a unique collaborative space in which RATP Group is one of the major partners.

Jean-François Sencerin, Programme Director, Autonomous Vehicle France, Automotive and Mobility Sector, PFA

Accurate Passenger information combines digital and human information.

Brigitte Pitavy, customer, RER A/Félix von Pechmann, Passenger Information Project Director, RATP

We must dare to imagine the city of tomorrow.

Guillemette Karpelès, Chief Executive Officer, RATP Real Estate/Eric Lapierre, Registered Architect

The Digital Factory offers a real change of culture.

Van Ngu Vo, Chief Technical Officer of the Digital Factory, RATP/Mehdi Aït-Hammou, Manager of the Digital Factory, RATP

Taking part in the SMART programme has changed the course of our career!

Clément Lucchesi, Energy Transition Programme Director, SMART programme participant, RATP Real Estate and Thibaud Barrois, Real Estate Development Manager, SMART programme participant, RATP

Tram line T3, metro line 14, the transformation of our neighbourhood brings us new customers.

Nicolas Cadet, Chef, La Table d’émeraude, ESAT Berthier (vocational rehabilitation centre), Porte de Clichy

Made-to-measure solutions for cities and residents

Made-to-measure solutions for cities and residents

Every city and community is unique. And every city, with its distinctive geography, history, flows and economic, tourism and cultural potential, lends itself to different transport solutions. These solutions, when designed and shaped by the community for the benefit of all, and in a manner sensitive to inhabitants’ lifestyles, allow people to regain control of their mobility. Let us take a detailed look at some of these fast-paced cities.

8 cities, 8 made-to-measure mobility solutions

Achieving a successful transition in Brest


Florence, out with the Vespas, in with the tram


Inclusive mobility in and around Valenciennes


Paris, a city in constant evolution


The Grand Paris is moving forward


Fully-electric: Orléans' sustainable goal


Riyad : a major greenfield project


Casablanca, the tram as a lifeline


RATP Group in 2019

Our performance

In 2019, the Group registered a further improvement in its intrinsic performance, with an increase in net income and stable debt. However, the industrial action in December 2019 had a material impact on our financial performance. An overview of all the figures

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€5.704 billion Group consolidated turnover.
3,324 million journeys in the Île-de-France region.
13 % reduction in GHG emissions per passenger-kilometre (compared to 2015).

Increasingly multimodal

RATP Group is the world’s fourth-largest urban transport operator, with expertise spanning the entire mobility chain. We draw on our integrated expertise and our capacity for innovation to design made-to-measure solutions for the passengers and communities we serve. The long-standing leader of urban transport in the Île-de-France region and a pioneer in automated systems, we are now leading the way in new forms of mobility – shared, connected and autonomous. As a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact (Advanced participant level since 2018), we are contributing to the attainment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and helping to shape a sustainable, inclusive, low-carbon future by pursuing three goals: be a major player in mobility and sustainable cities, reduce our carbon footprint, and confirm our social and societal responsibilities.

Winning and retaining business


Angers Loire Métropole awarded RATP Dev a six-year contract to manage the Irigo multimodal, network. The ambition is to reinvigorate the network by commissioning two new tram lines and developing the bus network in a manner consistent with the ecological transition.


Brest Métropole chose RATP Dev to reinvent the Bibus multimodal network and to boost traffic with an innovative offering that sets a new standard for environmentally-friendly transport.


The western extension of tram line 1 entered into service, and line 2 opened, crossing the city from north to south.


The contract to operate the CDG Express was awarded to Hello Paris, a consortium combining RATP Dev and Keolis. This new direct rail link between Gare de l’Est and Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport is set to begin operating in late 2025.


Charlotte Area Transit System, the transport authority for Charlotte, North Carolina (United States), renewed RATP Dev’s bus network operation and maintenance contract for a further three years


The Creil Sud Oise urban area appointed RATP Dev as its new urban transport network operator for a seven-year period.


RKH Qitarat, a jointventure between RATP Dev, Keolis and Hamad Group, completed construction work on the new Doha automated rail network. The red, green and gold lines are now open to the public.


Saint-Malo Agglomération awarded RATP Dev the contract to operate the Malo Agglo Transport (MAT) network. Future plans include boosting the services offered and reshaping the network to cater to the changing needs of the area and its inhabitants.


Sustainable transport provision was further expanded with the opening of tram line T2 in Florence, the capital of the Italian region of Tuscany. RATP Dev, which operates the line, has been involved as a partner since 2005.


RATP Dev secured a five-year extension to its contract to operate the transport network in Tucson, Arizona (United States), which it has run since 2013.

A year of engineering works in the Île-de-France region

A year of engineering works in the Île-de-France region

In 2019, we continued transforming and improving the lives of people living in the Île-de-France region as part of the State-Region planning contract, with the support of Île-de-France Mobilités and other public financial partners. Our efforts included investing heavily in infrastructure and rolling stock, upgrading and renovating the long-standing network, and of course pressing ahead with network extension works. Let’s look back on an exceptional year during which we preserved the city’s heritage while shaping a network fit for the future.

Discover our worksites in the Île-de-France region

Reinventing customer experience

Today’s customers have three priorities: to control and optimize their everyday lives, to regain the time they spend on transport, and to get around cities easily and seamlessly. At RATP Group, we are delivering on these priorities by raising the bar for customer service, drawing on both our advanced digital ecosystem and a 27,000-strong workforce meeting customers in person in our stations and on board our buses and trains.

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Raising customer experience

Mon client & moi
Everyday security
Ringing in the changes for RER line A
Making the tram network safer
Keeping customers happy all along the line
Revolutionising ticketing
Culture for everyone
Thinking about tomorrow, today

Placing innovation at the heart of the cities of tomorrow

Placing innovation at the heart of the cities of tomorrow

Cities are evolving at breakneck speed. Practices are changing rapidly, too. What will tomorrow’s mobility look like? What innovations are we ready to accept? Driverless transport? Smart objects? Vehicles flying above our streets? Which of these technologies will make a difference to our quality of life? At RATP Group, we are exploring, testing and pushing the boundaries of innovation – alone or with our partners – in our drive to put cutting-edge technologies to work for our customer’s benefit and shape sustainable, truly liveable cities.

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A partner of the cities of tomorrow

Committed to sustainable cities

Committed to sustainable cities

Large cities account for a major portion of a country’s population and wealth. They are also on the front line of climate change and biodiversity loss – as the primary cause and the first to suffer the consequences. But cities are acting now to take control of their futures. And because sustainability and attractiveness go hand in hand, RATP Group is helping cities achieve a successful energy transition and foster greater inclusion.

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