Publié: le 05 juillet 2023
Écrit par Press staff

The cost of living and inflation are impacting sustainable travel for Europeans.

Tootbus, operator of the first fleet of clean tourist buses and a subsidiary of RATP Dev, continues to promote environmentally friendly travel. Its latest study reveals the perception of sustainable tourism in the context of urban getaways in Europe.

Tourists: The “Green” Fiber

According to a study conducted in partnership with OpinionWay in Belgium, France, and the United Kingdom, European tourists are showing a growing interest in discovering lesser-known cities and off-the-beaten-path destinations. In these three countries, respondents expressed a preference for less-known and less crowded cities, with cultural attractions being the primary criteria for choosing a destination.

Cost of living and inflation: A barrier to sustainable tourism

Respondents feel that sustainable tourism is more expensive, and the majority consider price to be the most important criterion when choosing a travel service provider. Most respondents are more concerned about reducing their budget than their carbon footprint.

The study also highlights positive trends in the travel habits of Europeans, with an emphasis on consuming and purchasing local products, as well as choosing eco-responsible activities.

It was also emphasized that tourism operators have a crucial role to play in promoting sustainable tourism, suggesting a greater focus on awareness campaigns, financial incentives, and regulations to encourage industry players to adopt more sustainable practices.

Tootbus is a signatory of the Glasgow Declaration, which is a catalyst for urgently accelerating climate action in tourism and securing strong commitments in support of global goals to halve emissions during this decade and achieve net-zero emissions as early as possible before 2050.

“The challenge remains significant for sustainable travel habits to become a top priority for travelers. This mission falls on tourism operators, stakeholders, and authorities in their own interest and that of the planet. Tootbus has taken the initiative and is taking its responsibilities seriously: we have already made substantial investments in our sustainable fleet in all the countries where we operate.”

Arnaud Masson,

Executive Director Digital & Sightseeing at RATP Dev