Mise à jour le 08 septembre 2023
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The occupants of the “Ateliers Vaugirard” have moved into a program of 104 social housing units

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The first phase of a social housing project consisting of 104 units, located within the urban development project known as the “Ateliers Vaugirard” and constructed above RATP maintenance workshops, has been completed. In total, nearly 300 housing units, including 154 social housing units, will be built by 2029 in the heart of the 15th arrondissement of Paris, on this site spanning over 2 hectares.

The industrial purpose of the site is further reinforced as it will also host a brand-new workshop for the maintenance of electronic and electropneumatic equipment by 2024. Additionally, the maintenance workshop for Line 12 trains, which has been on the site for over a century, will be completely renovated by 2029. A new street has been created to provide access to the residential buildings, shops, and facilities, opening up this space that was previously closed off to Parisians.

Furthermore, 6,400 square meters of green rooftop spaces have been developed, creating a refreshing oasis effect for the entire neighborhood.

This large-scale urban mixed-use project, both ambitious and innovative, serves as a prime example of the unique expertise held by the RATP Group.

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