Mise à jour le 20 mars 2023

RATP Group set to add 6,600 new hires across the Île-de-France region in 2023

4,900 permanent positions to be filled in 2023

Recruitment drives to fully guarantee the transport offering and prepare for the upcoming major sporting events

2 700 bus drivers
700 station staff
400 metro drivers

RATP also has a significant challenge to recruit in sectors that are experiencing shortages, with 400 positions in maintenance and 120 positions in security:

  • Train and metro maintenance technicians (300 positions),
  • Train and metro repair technicians,
  • Electromechanical technicians,
  • Electronics technicians, 
  • HV/LV (high voltage/low voltage) electricians,
  • Maintenance operators in railway signalling and automated driving, 
  • GPSR-certified (network protection and security group) security officers (120 positions).

Among these hiring requirements, close to 600 engineering and executive positions are open, mainly for engineers and project managers in the fields of digital technology, cybersecurity, maintenance, infrastructure and industrial systems, and positions for operations managers.

In addition, at least 1,000 work-study positions and 700 insertion contracts are available.

More attractiveness and sourcing campaigns in 2023

In 2022, close to 91,500 job applications were received (30% more than in 2021) for the 250 job categories that the Group offers – proof of RATP’s attractiveness. Notably, the company recruited close to 1,500 bus drivers after having received 7,000 résumés over several months.

To achieve such figures, the Group conducted several unprecedented operations, which notably included co-opting, lowering the eligibility age of candidates to 18 (previously 21) for bus driver positions, speed interview events and partnerships with Pôle emploi (French job seekers’ office). The recruitment drive for the bus division was decentralised to bring jobs closer to regions, making it possible to attract a pool of local candidates, thereby contributing to their improved work-life balance.

Active recruitment policy in favour of employment and professional integration

The Group’s diverse range of professions makes it possible to offer employment opportunities to candidates having various profiles, levels of experience and qualifications.

RATP Group upholds its policy in favour of professional integration and the employment of young adults, and notably collaborates with Pôle emploi to develop systems to fast-track employment, such as the POEC programme (operational preparation for collective employment) and CAE-PEC contracts (employment-skills scheme).

Once again, RATP has set its sights on accommodating 1,000 new work-study applicants, 850 of whom will work in the CFA MUD (sustainable urban mobility apprenticeship centre). This year, for the second year running, the number of vacancies for bus drivers has increased by 10%, the equivalent of 670 positions.

Since 2017, the CFA centre has trained over 2,400 apprentices in 6 types of professions:

  • Bus driver,
  • Traffic regulator,
  • Station staff,
  • Maintenance technician,
  • Human resources staff and
  • Financial experts.

A resolve to hire more women

RATP Group has been leading an active policy to attract more women to its ranks, by notably developing its RATP au Féminin” (Women in RATP) programme to encourage and ease women’s access to all its professions.

Various attractiveness campaigns (forums, networking events, job dating, career presentations, etc.) have been conducted yearly for this purpose to meet women and present the professions that they may not conventionally consider entering (maintenance mechanics, security officers, and more).

Specific operations will also be organised in 2023 to boost the number of women hired in the Group’s professions, notably in line with its partnership with the association Elles bougent (Women on the move) at the Forum réseau et carrière au féminin (network and career forum for women) and InnovaTech events.

A Group committed to including persons with disabilities

The employment policy that RATP Group implements to introduce people with disabilities into the workforce, and keep them employed, is an integral part of its human resource policy. The Group’s employment policy is a reflection of its commitment to promote equal opportunity, fight discrimination and value diversity. In 2022, the Group held 16 Duodays. It is mobilised every year during this nationwide event to showcase its professions and their accessibility.

In the 9th agreement in favour of hiring persons with disabilities, to be signed during the first quarter of 2023 by management and all representative labour organisations for 2023-2025, the Group pledged to hire 105 persons with disabilities over a period of three years. These hires concern candidates having various qualification levels.