Mise à jour le 24 janvier 2023

RATP Dev to advise the city of Belgrade for the operation of its future automated metro network

The city of Belgrade has awarded RATP Dev a contract to advise and support them in the operation of the future 3-line automated metro network in Belgrade. Its commissioning is scheduled for 2028.

RATP Dev, an RATP Group subsidiary, is set to assist the city of Belgrade’s Public Transport Secretary and local operator BMW (Beogradski Metro i Voz) starting 1 March 2023.

As a pioneer and leader in automated metro networks, RATP Group and its RATP Dev subsidiary are at the service of cities and transport authorities. The Group guides them with strategic decisions that will boost their development and attractiveness. Depending on the cities’ history and their needs, it involves transforming existing networks or creating the public transport network of the future.

In Belgrade, just like in every city where RATP Dev is established, the company is also committed to training locally hired teams for the operation and maintenance of their public transport network.

Andreja Mladenović & Aleksandar Šapić

The Belgrade Metro Project represents the largest and the most important infrastructure project that will be built in the coming period in the City of Belgrade, and the entire Republic of Serbia. The inclusion of the RATP Dev company will be of great importance for the whole project since it will, with its knowledge and experience, contribute to a better and faster realization of this very important project for our community.

Andreja Mladenović,


The contract signed today and the actions that will ensue in the upcoming months give us the right to finally have something tangible regarding what has been the number one topic for the past few decades in Belgrade. This year will be extremely important because the depot in Makiš will come to life, as well as the road that will begin to be built towards Železnik and Bele vode. To do so, we will need to define the dimensions of the TBM machine that will be used for the construction. For now, we are not late with regard to any segment of this project. We really have well-founded hope that the deadlines that have been set will be met; namely that from 2028 to 2030 both lines of the Belgrade metro will come to life. The metro must become the backbone of public transport, because Belgrade cannot withstand an increase in traffic and the number of cars. I am particularly happy to see that the Belgrade Metro Project has finally begun moving forward over the last two years. Unlike previous announcements and various mock-ups and grandiose stories that we had been hearing, this time it is different. Everything that has been done so far shows us that we can be very optimistic and that the citizens of Belgrade will finally be able to use the metro in public transport like the citizens of all European and world metropolises.”

Aleksandar Šapić,

Mayor of Belgrade

Our RATP DEV subsidiary’s mission

RATP Dev will bring its international operator experience and expertise to review and advise on the functional design and specifications of the automated metro system, with a specific focus on passenger experience, safety, operation and maintenance concepts, and optimization of life cycle cost.

This one-year contract with an option for a second year is a new milestone in the partnership between the City of Belgrade and RATP Dev following the signing of a “Memorandum of Understanding” in June 2022. It highlights the willingness of the two partners to work hand in hand and set the groundwork of the future metro at the highest international standards.

The contract entrusts RATP Dev with assisting the city in the optimization of the design of the future metro system of Belgrade. The project is the Republic of Serbia’s largest and most important infrastructure project. The planned metro network will comprise: line 1 (21.8 km, 21 stations, commissioning set for 2028), line 2 (24.2 km, 26 stations, commissioning set for 2030) and line 3 (23 km, 22 stations).

Hiba Farès, RATP Dev Chairwoman and Chief Executive officer, RATP Group board member

“We are honoured by the trust the City of Belgrade has placed in us. We look forward to putting our expertise in operating integrated multimodal transport networks at the service of Belgrade’s ambitious urban vision. Our experts are committed to guaranteeing efficient operations every day as well as a high-quality passenger experience following the commissioning of the future automated metro network, while at the same time training our local employees.”