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World Expos at a glance

Since 1851, World Expos have been held every five years over a three-to-six-month period. They attract millions of visitors and are a source of intense interest for the participating countries as they showcase their industrial, technological, cultural and artistic achievements. Here are a few figures that help illustrate the scale of these events and their influence around the world.

Surface area

438 ha

equivalent to 600 football pitches.
(Dubai 2021)

96 ha

equivalent to 135 football pitches.
(Paris 1889)

Admission fees

27.43 $

admission fee for a one-day visit to the Dubai World Expo

3 Fr

admission fee for a one-day visit to the 1900 Paris World Expo


As showcases for national innovations, World Expos generate economic benefits, even if these are difficult to assess in full. Thus, the added value of Milan’s World Expo was estimated at €4.1 billion in 2015,

with a total increase in production of €31.6 billion between 2012 and 2020. Before the health crisis, Expo 2020 Dubai contributed an estimated €30 billion to the UAE economy.


6 M

London, 1851

73 M

visitors. Shanghai, 2010. Record number of visitors.

France at Expo 2020 Dubai

25 000

daily visitors expected at the French Pavilion at the Dubai World Expo


of the energy consumed will be self-generated by the French Pavilion

French exhibitions

83 000

exhibitors present in Paris in 1900 (17,000 in London in 1851)


World Expos took place in Paris, 5 of which were held during the 19th century

2020 World Expo, sustainability


of green spaces maintained without pesticides or chemical fertilisers


of built infrastructure reused or relocated

Candidacies for 2030


competing countries for the 2025 World Expo (France, Japan, Russia, Azerbaijan).
Japan won with Osaka.

Sources: BIE, Bureau international des expositions. COFREX, Compagnie française des expositions (French exhibitions company).

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