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Ever more deliveries and ever less space

Making deliveries in hyper-dense cities has long relied on logistics centres located on the outskirts. But the explosion in e-commerce raises the burning issue of the last mile and the scarcity of urban space available for use by logistics providers.

Scarcity of usable urban space in square meters


The weight of e-commerce on urban logistics



Diversity, the solution of the future

RATP Group has come up with multiple innovations to enable the Île-de-France region to meet a growing need for local logistics spaces. The Group signed an industrial partnership with Sogaris in November 2020 to create mobility centres in the heart of Grand Paris. These hybrid real estate programmes will be organised around the mobility of goods and people. Parking for private or professional vehicles, areas dedicated to urban distribution activities, mobility solutions and information (electric charging stations, car-sharing, self-service, etc.): they will be designed as local service points. Another Group initiative is the launch of a call for proposals by RATP Logistics.

Led by RATP Capital Innovation in partnership with Île-de-France Mobilités, it aims to provide logistics operators with spaces in bus depots, which are partially unoccupied during the day. “Very well positioned in the city, bus depots represent covered areas (500 m² on average for the sites concerned) and heights (4.80 metres) that are rare in urban areas,” explains Véronique Bennegent, in charge of the project. “We have proposed eight sites, all of them committed to the Bus2025 energy transition process, with a total surface area of 5,800 m².”

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