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Editorial Catherine Guillouard

Reinventing nature’s role in cities means increasing the appeal of cities and providing solutions to the climatic and demographic challenges that they’re facing.

Thee questions about nature-cities

While cities are growing at a faster rate, and in a context of climate emergency, what can greenery in the city do?

A lot, undoubtedly. “Green lungs” are natural spaces that contribute to addressing the climatic challenges faced by cities. They promote conviviality and quality of life and health, and are popular with residents. Their presence has become an integral part in a city’s appeal.

So then, is the “nature-city” a utopia or a future within our grasp?

As partner of smart and sustainable cities, RATP Group is convinced that bringing nature back to the hearts of neighbourhoods will drive progress for everyone. For an operator like us, visualising the nature-city first of all entails addressing the challenges of sustainable mobility. It is first and foremost about removing carbon from public transport to let the city breathe, while working, such as in Paris and London, towards transforming bus depots to make electric or biogas-powered bus fleets available to residents. It means combining our real estate projects, industrial buildings, and urban agriculture with, for example, what will be the largest green roof in Paris at the Vaugirard Workshops. It also means responding to city dwellers’ expectations by contributing to the creation of cool areas by opening up shared gardens. Finally, it means innovating to offer new means of clean and shared transport, in addition to traditional ones, to combat individual car use.

A perpetually moving entity and a polymorphous space, the city is what we make of it. It’s up to all of us to visualise it, to think about it together, to make it more easily liveable in this digital age, but also more sustainable. That’s the goal of this first issue of “Qualité de villes – The living cities magazine”, which I encourage you to explore.


“To become attractive again, cities have to continue to be liveable and sustainable”

Catherine Guillouard
RATP Group Chairwoman and Chief Executive Officer

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