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Apps, the new champions of customer relations

Between 2017 and 2019, according to mobile data analyst App Annie, the time spent by consumers worldwide on their cell phones increased by 35%. In the wake of this iconic object, a new relationship- and service-based world is fast developing.


of french access internet through a mobile device

Out of its 67 million inhabitants, France has 58 million Internet users and 82% of them access it through a mobile device. An unrivalled tool when on the move, the cell phone has become our personal assistant of choice. While communicating with our network is the major use we make of it, mobile apps also offer a new channel through which consumers engage and communicate with their favorite brands: 26% of users say they contact them through social networks. A figure that rises to 37% among those aged 20 to 40. This trend is also reflected in retail, with 25% of French people having made an online purchase with their smartphone in 2020.


of consumers are willing to share their data so that they can receive a personalized experience.

In the past, customer feedback was collected through successive waves of surveys. Today, information is fed back through multiple channels (apps, social networks, websites, etc.). This living material, sifted through semantic analysis using the power of artificial intelligence, can smooth out irritations and personalize the customer experience. Since 2017, Bouygues Telecom has been using these technologies to detect signs that customers may be about to cancel their subscriptions. These kinds of weak signals also persuaded McDonald’s to serve its breakfasts throughout the day, after collecting data from orders placed via its app or touchscreen terminals.


"Our customers and passengers demand ultra-reliable and highly consistent information, whatever the medium they use."

Delphine Nathan
Head of the marketing and business department of RATP

Real-time information from the Digital Factory

RATP Group created its own Digital Factory in 2019. This is a crucial asset for the agile and rapid development of new functionalities, and for their immediate improvement based on customer feedback. This team was notably responsible for integrating a Covid-19 information center into the RATP app in record time, bringing together all useful passenger information.

400,000 contributors to measure passenger density on the metro

Crowdsourcing, or participatory activity, is a true revolution in the world of apps, and has allowed the development of new services thanks to input from the user community. Available since last June on the RATP app, the “passenger density” feature allows anyone to report on the level of traffic on the line.

Once consolidated with other data (from ticketing or counters installed on some trains), this feeds an algorithm that can more accurately predict the likely traffic on certain routes and at certain times. A further participatory feature has been launched recently, to report on the cleanliness of the network.

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