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Dreaming cities

Always improving at the service of the city

It is not enough to design efficient, fluid and secure networks. The infrastructure and services must also be kept alive over time. A quest for excellence that is played out day after day, to support, even accelerate, changes in the city.

Transport networks live with the city and grow with it, to anticipate changes in flows, better face climatic challenges or improve the service provided to passengers. In Paris, the metro network is constantly being upgraded. Among the latest major projects: automation of a historic line, metro line 1, and now the automation of metro line 4. In Angers, the tramway is expanding to offer even more mobility to a city keen to preserve its living environment. In Casablanca, tram lines T3 and T4, operated by a subsidiary of RATP Dev, are due to arrive in 2024, to complete a network that is proving very popular with Casablanca residents. Operational excellence directly impacts the quality of life in the city. Each improvement translates into saved journey time, a feeling of safety, ease of travel, quality of information, and access to local shops. Increasingly, this progress is being jointly built with passengers. This is the case for RATP: it regularly incorporates crowd-sourcing into the new features offered by its app and its mediator is attentive to passengers’ complaints or suggestions.

Finally, innovation is also an excellent lever for progress. Among the gems to come out of the RATP accelerator in 2020 is Jungle Bus, which accurately maps formal and informal transport networks around the world, and should be used to audit the benchmark map of bus stops in the Île-de-France region.

As for the Fieldbox.ai application, which can optimise rolling stock management in real time, it will help controllers and signalmen to make the best decisions about the allocation of RER rolling stock. The result: better traffic flow and optimisation of maintenance.


“Operational excellence is the foundation of trust”

Philippe Martin,
Group’s executive vice president for transport and maintenance operations

It is because they know about our reliability in network operations and maintenance that local authorities choose us as their partners.
All RATP Group companies, in France and elsewhere, use the Radar(1) methodology, derived from the EFQM(2) standard, to challenge their performance, set improvement targets, implement action plans, and then measure the impact.The objectives are varied: to reduce road accidents or better inform passengers in the event of disruptions, for example. When we are asked, during calls for tenders, to demonstrate our degree of excellence on various subjects – transport safety, management of major events or customer services – this approach allows us to provide concrete evidence.”

(1) For “Results, approach, deployment, self-assessment, review and improvement”.
(2) EFQM: European Foundation for Quality Management.

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