Follow their lead and join RATP Group #RATPrecrute

RATP Group boasts over 250 professions across all qualification levels, with the possibility of career growth in France and abroad. But, above all, the Group is a committed and innovative public service organisation.

RATP Group also represents the strength of an inclusive and united company. Learn more about our employer brand campaign from Théophile, Inès, Rahma, Ahmed and Louis.

Spotlight on the employer brand campaign

« I could be doing the same job elsewhere, but this company is heading in the right direction. » As project manager for energy efficiency, Théophile works daily to find practical solutions to climate change challenges. Joining RATP Group means choosing a committed organisation. Watch the video
« I got on board a train in motion. I’m now helping to keep it running. » At only 22, Inès is already an overhead cable electrician, which represents key expertise in the maintenance team. Joining RATP Group means benefiting from numerous career opportunities with over 250 professions from which to choose. Watch the video
« Intelligence here is not only artificial. » As head of the artificial intelligence programme, Rahma explores new solutions for their potential to improve the daily passenger experience. Joining RATP Group means being part of an innovative public service organisation. Watch the video
« I was told that I was on the right track, no matter what my qualifications were. » As a bus driver, Ahmed is on the front line, contributing to an essential public service mission. Joining RATP Group means supporting more inclusive cities, regardless of one’s qualification level or background. Watch the video
« I feel better every time my journey changes course. » Tender process manager Louis began his career as an engineer working on Paris metro lines, before he participated in the world-wide expansion of automated metros. Joining RATP Group means having the possibility of a custom-built career in France and abroad. Watch the video

Spotlight on recruitment in 2023

In 2023, RATP Group is rolling out a recruitment plan of an unprecedented scale.
6,600 employees to be hired in the Île-de-France region in 2023, including:

4 900 permanent contracts
1 000 work-study contracts
700 workforce integration contracts

Our priorities

  • Investment in learning:
    The Group plans to accommodate 1,000 new work-study applicants, including 850 who will work in the CFA MUD (sustainable urban mobility apprenticeship centre). Since 2018, over 2,400 apprentices have been trained to become drivers, controllers, station staff and maintenance staff. The RATP Group recruitment campaign, which targets young adults, is picking up speed: close to 1,500 interns will join the Group this year. They range from Year 10 students to those pursuing a master’s degree.
  • Commitment to welcoming people with disabilities:
    Under the terms of the 9th agreement in favour of employing people with disabilities, the Group has pledged to hire more than 105 people with disabilities over a three-year period. Candidates of all qualification levels are part of these hires.
  • Higher female representation across professions:
    Through the RATP au féminin (RATP women) programme, the Group facilitates women’s access to professions that they may not conventionally consider entering, in positions such as maintenance mechanics, security officers, and more. Multiple activities are organised to promote diversity: forums, evening networking events, job dating sessions, presentations on professions, and others. In addition, the Group’s partnership with the association Elles bougent (Women on the move) offers other meet-ups that target women participants.

Our promise as an employer

“As a major employer, notably in the Île-de-France region, RATP Group is a particularly inclusive one. We hire and train candidates across all qualification levels. We also strive to include more women in our professions, while testing ways to hire more diversely. This includes recruiting young adults to become bus drivers from the age of 18. As part of the organisation’s transformation, the Group offers a stimulating working environment, which includes career development, continuous training, and mobility in an international group”

Jean Agulhon


The 3 pillars that uphold our promise as an employer

  • View employees as players dedicated to the sustainable and positive transformation of cities and who are committed to serving the public.
  • Give all those who join us the opportunity to flourish in an inclusive and united environment where differences are valued.
  • Encourage all employees to grow and reinvent themselves by exploring multiple and varied career opportunities.
Ask Jean Agulhon 3 questions “Public interest guides our commitment, while giving our professions meaning. It also draws teams closer and moves them forward in their careers” Watch the video