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L'actualité du groupe RATP au service des élus et des acteurs qui font les territoires.

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Les dernières infos sur l'activité du groupe RATP.

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Accessibility of the website

RATP Group makes every effort to ensure that its internet website can be accessed by the greatest number. This section contains help and tips facilitating your browsing on the website. It also contains proof of its compliance with accessibility standards.

01. Help available on

The website has numerous functions offering all internet users easy browsing.

The main logo

On all pages, the RATP Group logo displayed in the banner enables you to return to the website home page with just one click.

Access to the sections

The banner

The banner on the website homepage provides access to the menus and search form.

The menus

Quick access menu

The quick access menu is available in the banner at the top of the page on all the website pages. It provides direct access to:

– The RATP Group accounts on LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube
– Language change (French and English)
– Searching on the website
– The burger menu


The burger menu
The burger menu, located on the right of the menu, provides access to all the sections of the website.

The menu at the bottom of the page
The menu at the bottom of the page provides access to additional pages such as: reference documents, contact form, the RATP Foundation.

The bottom of the page provides direct access to some of the Group’s subsidiaries’ websites.

The home page

The home page of the website provides access to the banner, quick access menu, burger menu and the menu at the bottom of the page, as well as the following sections (direct access):

– Our contribution
– Who are we?
– Our expertise
– RATP Group around the world
– Feedback from our social media

The search engine

A search field is available in the quick access menu on every page.

When you do a search, the website search engine will list the pages that best match your search criteria.

02. Features provided by your browser

In addition to the help available directly on the website, it has been designed to allow your browser to take full advantage of its own features.

Increasing font size

You can increase the size of the text on every page of the website.

If you are on a PC, press the Ctrl and + keys to increase the font size. Press the Ctrl and – keys to reduce the font size.

Successive pressing of these key combinations will increase or reduce the size of the text in steps.

Press the Ctrl + 0 (“zero”) key combination to return to the default font size.

If you are using a Mac, in the above key combinations just replace the Ctrl key by the Cmd key to carry out the same actions.

03. Contact

We are committed to making this website available to all internet users, regardless of their physical and/or cognitive capacities.

However, if you encounter a problem while browsing or accessing certain content on the website, do not hesitate to contact us, detailing your situation as much as possible as well as the problem encountered so that we can find a solution together.

By e-mail
To contact us by e-mail, you can write directly to this address:

By phone
To contact us by telephone, please call this number: +33 1 58 78 20 20.

To contact us by post
If you prefer to write to us by post, please send your letter to this address:

Mission Accessibilité
54 quai de la Rapée, Lac LC13
75599 Paris Cedex 12

04. Defender of rights

If you have noticed an accessibility failure that prevented you from accessing some of our website content or any function and you have informed us but have not received a prompt response, you have the right to send your complaints or request for referral to:

Le défenseur des droits
7 rue Saint-Florentin
75409 Paris cedex 08
Téléphone : 09 69 39 00 00