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The word of the experts

Publié le 15 May 2019


Project manager for autonomous shuttles

  • 35 years old

  • Graduate in renewable energy development

  • Working for RATP Group since 2014


Project manager for autonomous shuttles

  • 35 years old

  • Graduate in renewable energy development

  • Working for RATP Group since 2014

His journey

Clément has one foot in the present and an eye on the future. His role at RATP Group: to implement tomorrow’s transport modes, more specifically autonomous vehicles. What is the purpose of his job? To allow passengers to travel the first and last mile of their journey in a simple manner by offering mobility solutions that are complementary to public transport. Let him be your guide in his autonomous vehicle universe!

It's exciting to be in contact with start-ups and innovative companies on such a stimulating current topic. It allows me to participate in trials throughout the world, from Tokyo to Austin (Texas) and Madrid.

Project manager for autonomous shuttles
Clément, project manager for autonomous shuttles

Seamless journeys

RATP Group believes that mobility must be inclusive and allow everyone to travel according to their needs. With carpooling, car sharing and autonomous shuttles, the Group’s teams are experimenting and deploying new mobility solutions that make it possible to offer ever more personalised solutions in cities with different profiles.

Currently in a testing phase on different sites, the autonomous shuttle now represents a key challenge for the future of RATP Group: it makes it possible to complete mass transport modes by proposing a solution to sparsely populated territories with low passenger flows.

Did you know?

10 000 km travelled in 2 years
100,000 passengers have already travelled aboard our shuttles

A multi-faceted profession

What makes Clément’s profession extremely attractive is that every project and every day are different. The project manager is involved at all stages, from the project origin to the results of the field tests. He also exchanges with project sponsors and local authorities, who are major stakeholders in mobility issues.  He relies on the specific expertise of the operational teams to carry out real-world trials in the field.

He manages a team consisting of diverse profiles allowing the completion of the project.

What qualities does he possess? He has solid scientific and technological knowledge allowing him to understand all of the challenges related to the project, as well as a good ability to adapt to different situations and different people with whom he is working to ensure that the project progresses smoothly.

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