A new neighbourhood with the Ateliers Vaugirard workshops

RATP Group’s transformation of its metro maintenance workshops is making steady progress. At the site of one former workshop in Paris, a new neighbourhood is taking shape, combining industrial activity, housing and public facilities.

Project led by RATP subsidiaries RATP Habitat and RATP Real Estate

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A new neighbourhood with the Ateliers Vaugirard workshops


  • Upgrade workshops to accommodate new metro line 12 rolling stock;
  • Create a new Paris neighbourhood that combines industrial activity, housing and public facilities;
  • Promote biodiversity and vitalise the region through local businesses.

Key figures

10,000m² of greenery across the entire project
700m² devoted to urban agriculture
284 housing units, 54% of which are set to be social housing units


The development of the site was designed to minimise various forms of pollution that may be generated by construction works. The layout also optimises building energy efficiency and adds greenery in the form of green roofs and hanging gardens above workshops, balconies and equipped terraces.

“When we reorganised our industrial activities, we turned an industrial need into an urban project that provides a window to the city.”

Céline Tignol


The project

From 1910, the 2.3-hectare Vaugirard railway workshops had been the site of metro line 12 maintenance operations. When RATP Group began upgrading its production tools and redeveloping its industrial sites in Paris, the Group also decided to turn the project into an example of urban diversity, by creating a new neighbourhood at the heart of the city.

By 2029, Ateliers Vaugirard will offer mixed-use urban real estate programmes that combine an industrial site with housing units, public facilities and green areas. A total of 285 housing units will be built, 54% of which will be devoted to social housing. These units will be surrounded by public facilities for young children, local businesses, a new pedestrian lane and green roofing, which will create a cool spot that will benefit the entire neighbourhood.

Project timeline

The Ateliers Vaugirard workshops development project will proceed in two phases:

  • The first phase began in 2016 with preparatory works to restructure the site. It also included the construction of an equipment maintenance workshop (EMW), 3 social and private housing programmes (plots A, B and C), local businesses and childcare facilities for the City of Paris, with a new lane running through the new buildings.
  • The second phase, which was launched in 2022, involves the restructuring of the metro line 12 train maintenance workshop (TMW). This phase includes the construction of approximately 50 social housing units (plot D), in line with the partnership agreement with the City of Paris, which aims to build 2,000 housing units by 2026. Completion is scheduled for 2027.

Project partners

RATP: maître d’ouvrage du projet urbain et des ateliers (AME et AMT).
RATP Habitat: filiale immobilière sociale du groupe RATP, construit, réhabilite et gère des logements sociaux, commerces et résidences en Île-de-France depuis plus de soixante ans.
RATP Real Estate : maître d’ouvrage délégué, filiale immobilière du groupe RATP, développe depuis trente ans des opérations complexes de transformation urbaine au profit d’une ville durable.

Developers and project managers of housing plots A and C:
Icade – Emerige: private housing units
With the support of: City of Paris

Architectes :
Dominique Lyon Architectes: projet urbain et AME
Hamonic + Masson & Associés: Lot A – immeuble de 97 logements privés
Christ & Gantenbein / Margot-Duclot Architectes Associés: Lot B – immeuble de 104 logements sociaux
Jean-Marc Ibos & Myrto Vitart: Lot C – immeuble de 34 logements privés
Bénédicte Bouvier-Tirant / RATP : AMT
Atelier Martel / Abinal & Ropars: Lot D – immeuble de 47 logements sociaux et 2 logements locatifs

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