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The automated metro

A transport system carrying millions of passengers a day in absolute safety and with optimum service levels.

A powerful and agile transport system perfectly adapted to a complex, physically constrained and changing urban environment. A transport system that meets the needs of citizens.
This system is called the automated metro.

For over 70 years, we have built our unique expertise around this technology to serve the transport authority and residents of one of the densest regions in the world: Île-de-France. We have rolled it out across several continents, working hand in hand with transport authorities and local regions to help drive cities’ economic and social growth.

Today, as automated metro trains promise resilient, innovative and sustainable solutions, our expertise offers more than the sum of its parts for your future challenges.

RATP Group in three figures
€5,704 million in consolidated revenue in 2019
16 million journeys a day worldwide
22 fully-automated or semi-automated lines currently in operation
An international presence


In late 2019, RKH Qitarat, a consortium between RATP Dev, Keolis and Qatar-based Hamad Group, delivered the first automated urban rail network in Doha, Qatar’s capital. With 37 stations along 3 metro lines, the transport system will carry 650,000 passengers a day on the first line of this greenfield network.

Denis Tassin,
Maintenance Director – Doha Metro, RATP Group

The Doha metro came into operation in record time. Qatar is a country where decisions are made swiftly and customers have high standards. The teams at RATP Dev, a subsidiary of RATP Group, more than rose to the challenge.


Capital Metro Company (Camco), a consortium between RATP Dev – an RATP Group subsidiary – and SAPTCO (Saudi Public Transport Company), was awarded the ground-breaking operation and maintenance contract for the new metro system’s lines 1 and 2 by the Royal Commission for Riyadh City (RCRC).

Didier Lescloupé,
Camco Chief Executive Officer, Riyadh Metro, RATP Group

The meteorological conditions here – dust, sand, temperatures over 40°C for several months at a time – are extreme. The stations need to be fully adapted and air-conditioned. Cultural norms are another important factor: service standards are extremely high and we go the extra mile to ensure that our metro lines' availability, regularity, cleanliness and safety score at least 99.8%.

Promoting the automated metro's future in Île-de-France

With 200 kilometres of automated lines and 68 new stations, the Grand Paris Express is now the largest urban project in Europe. RATP Group is a fully committed partner in this major network expansion alongside key regional operators. We are already responsible for maintaining and operating metro line 14, the backbone of the future Grand Paris automated metro system, projected to carry 1 million passengers a day. Our teams are leading the extension programme north and south of the region to deliver a metro line that is three times longer while maintaining performance. We are also working as part of a consortium with Singapore’s ComfortDelGro Transit and Alstom, led by our subsidiary RATP Dev, to respond to calls for tenders for the future Grand Paris Express metro lines 16 and 17.

Florence Laizier, Deputy Director – Tenders and Performance, RATP Dev, RATP Group subsidiary

“Delivering top results to our customers is a matter of demonstrating humility and agility, by reaching out to others to find the best complementary skills and relevant innovations. To respond to calls for tenders for the Grand Paris Express metro lines 16 and 17, we forged an alliance between RATP Dev and two globally recognised partners – ComfortDelGro Transit and Alstom. They bring an alternative perspective to addressing specific components of the tender such as customer service, cleaning processes, predictive maintenance as well as having extensive knowledge of rolling stock. Working in a partnership is key to our approach. It is equally important for the transport authorities that put their trust in us. Together we are operating in a dynamic process of exchange. We offer transport authorities more than an operator’s services: we provide the power and capabilities on a scale that can transform regions.”

The automated metro: the optimum urban transit solution

Moving forward in step with regions

We see ourselves as a long-term partner with the regions we work with and strive to act responsibly in every aspect of our business. The integral projects involved in building a metro line have a significant impact. This is particularly the case for the metro line 14 south operations that are going to bring major change along the line’s extended route all the way to Orly Airport.


Upgrading, automating, transforming

Automating an existing metro line in a dense and restricted urban environment is a colossal technical undertaking. Yet as a solution, it brings greater energy efficiency, customer service and safety to your high-traffic lines. Pioneers of fully-automated technology with Paris metro line 14, we are also adept at taking older lines to higher levels of automation. Not to mention a leader in upgrading train command and control systems on metro lines that date back 100 years. In 2012, our teams successfully completed a world first – completely automating a metro line: 13,500 on-site operations, mostly carried out at night to avoid any major traffic interruption for passengers, resulted in upgrading metro line 1 in Paris, carrying around 750,000 passengers a day. Today it is the turn of metro line 4 to go through this transformation.


Working together for more liveable cities

RATP Group earned ISO 50001 certification for its energy management system in 2018 and a year later it became the first multimodal transport operator in the world to receive “Committed to CSR – Confirmed” status from Afnor Certification. Minimising our environmental impact is one of our top priorities. Each time that we replace rolling stock, we make every effort to reduce sound levels inside and out. We upgrade ventilation systems to improve air quality across our infrastructure and boost rolling stock’s electrical braking system to reduce particulate emissions. A further action involves the water cycle: metro line 14 has been equipped with a greener maintenance site including industrial water treatment and washwater recycling systems on site.


Innovation for all

The automated metro strives to cater to passengers’ requirements in every respect, from frequency, commercial speed and information to safety and accessibility. In 2020, the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) awarded five stars to metro line 14, becoming the first high-traffic metro line in France to achieve this level of excellence. In the automated metro, accessibility is an integral aspect of service quality. Metro lines 1 and 14 are S3A certified (1). Metro line 1 was also awarded the Cap’Handéo mobility label for its service to people with mental disabilities. Metro line 14 has its sights on this label by 2021. Another important aspect is connectivity. The entire network operated by RATP Group, including the extensive Paris metro, has been covered by 4G services since June 2020. The magazine Ville, Rail & Transports singled out this achievement for its Smart City award.


Integrated and open expertise

As an integrated company, RATP Group has all the technical and legal skills and human resources required to design, build, operate and maintain an automated metro system. But we also have the capabilities to co-construct projects with rail industry leaders. Our teams have also worked with Alstom, Siemens and Hitachi to develop the OCTYS system. This interchangeable product means that solutions developed by other industrial suppliers can be seamlessly integrated into the Paris metro network. An outward-looking mindset that also applies to our innovation policy.

We possess experience found nowhere else: automating existing lines

We possess experience found nowhere else: automating existing lines

Metro line 4 is described as an ‘atypical high-traffic’ line with its stations serving the city’s entertainment hotspots as well as cultural and tourist destinations. Its automation, which will be completed by 2022, will improve service quality for passengers, as demonstrated by metro line 1’s performance results: 100% of traffic is now ensured during peak hours compared to 92% before automation. Automating a service also includes enhancing passenger information and service quality across the network. The metro line 4 platform-edge barriers are fitted with real-time information displays showing the precise waiting time for the next two incoming trains. In the field of automating existing metro lines, RATP Group is unrivalled in terms of skills and experience. Each project is a further opportunity to build on our considerable expertise. Regarding metro line 4, high platform-edge doors, in five-metre modules, are being installed along the old platforms, with each module coming into operation the next day.

Edgar See,
Automation Project Director, Metro line 4, RATP Group

Our references in fully-automated and semi-automated metro systems

Paris, France:

  • 3 metro lines already fully automated (Orlyval, metro line 1 and metro line 14) and a fourth coming soon (metro line 4)
  • Nearly 1.5 billion journeys a year in the Paris metro
  • 11 semi-automated metro lines

Doha, Qatar:

  • 3 fully-automated metro lines (Red, Green and Gold lines)
  • 76 km
  • 37 stations
  • A projected 650,000 passengers a day by 2021

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia:

  • 2 fully-automated metro lines (Blue and Red lines)
  • 64 km
  • 40 stations

Cairo, Egypt:

  • 1 semi-automated metro line (line 3)
  • By 2024, extended by 40 km and 34 stations
  • A projected 1.5 million passengers a day

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